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  1. politics
    Most Americans Oppose Discriminating Against LGBTQ People Because of ReligionAlmost two-thirds of Americans don’t think businesses should be able to discriminate against LGBTQ people on the pretext of religion.
  2. politics
    Here’s What Will Actually Make Women Want to Run for OfficeTrump alone won’t bring about gender parity in politics. Here’s what will.
  3. surveys
    Women Are Feeling Pretty Negative About America’s Future, Wonder WhyMen are twice as likely as women to feel good about the direction of the country, according to Pew.
  4. economics
    Survey Says Nearly Half of U.S. Women Won’t Enter a Store Unless There’s a SaleSame.
  5. 52 Percent of Men Say They Don’t Benefit From Women Accessing Birth ControlHow do they think this works?
  6. surveys
    Happiness Is Love (and Making More Money Than Your Friends)According to a gigantic survey.
  7. transgender rights
    Here’s a Huge New Survey of Transgender AmericansIt reveals, unsurprisingly, that many trans people in the United States face all sorts of trauma and challenges every day.
  8. forecasting
    ‘Shy Voters’ Can Help Explain Why Everyone Got the Election WrongAccording to one pollster, all over the country, there were voters who wouldn’t acknowledge that they were voting for Trump.
  9. everyday sexism
    The Amount of Women Who Have Experienced Unwanted Sexual Contact Is ShockingFor many women, “Grab them by the pussy” is all too real.
  10. politics
    Men Who Feel Discriminated Against Are More Likely to Support Trump“Men used to run everything, and now they don’t, and Hillary Clinton is the apotheosis of these fears.”
  11. awful things
    Teenage Girls Are Trading Sex Work for FoodThis is the sad reality for teens in many of the country’s low-income communities.
  12. everyday sexism
    People Aren’t Dumb Enough to Think a Clinton Presidency Will Erase SexismThe glass ceiling is cracked, not broken.
  13. lgbt rights
    Most Americans Are in Favor of Laws Protecting LGBT PeopleYes, even Republicans.
  14. homophobia
    New Survey Shows Frightening Anti-LGBT Bias WorldwideA majority of respondents would be upset if their child were gay.
  15. legal > moral
    Women Judge Prostitution More Harshly Than Men, New Poll SaysFifty-one percent of American men think prostitution should be legal, according to a new poll.
  16. deceptions
    Ten Chores We’re Pretty Sure Men Aren’t DoingAs evidenced by the dust bunnies.
  17. american idiots
    Americans Just Want to Eat in Peace — So They Hide It We’re a nation who hides our snacks.
  18. etiquette
    Your Houseguests Are Probably Having Sex on Your Good SheetsInvest in an extra set of linens this holiday season.
  19. Sorry, But You Might Be Fatter Than You Think You AreA new national survey shows our skewed perceptions of ourselves.
  20. How a Great College Professor Changes Your LifeThe long-lasting benefits of connecting with a mentor. 
  21. fun facts
    Study Shows Men Are Needier Shoppers Than WomenThey need help, and aren’t afraid to ask for it.
  22. lies
    Women More Likely to Lie About Reading ClassicsWe saw the Keira Knightley version, okay?
  23. omg shoes
    Ladies, Men Hate Your WedgesThey prefer Crocs, apparently.
  24. werq
    Majority of People in Fashion Hate Their JobsMaybe they need more snacks?
  25. weddings!
    Take Our New York Weddings Survey!Good, bad, and awful — all anonymous.
  26. election 2012
    What Voting Means to Us: 24 Women at the PollsA photo essay.