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Susan B. Anthony

  1. power
    Trump’s ‘Very Important’ Pardon Is … Susan B. Anthony?Huh.
  2. roll clip!
    Kate McKinnon’s Susan B. Anthony Is Really Annoying in This SNL Sketch“Also, abortion is murder!”
  3. women in politics
    Women Are Putting ‘I Voted’ Stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s GraveThe gravesite will be open extra hours on Election Day so people can pay their respects until the polls close.
  4. cut cover story
    Granddaughters of the RevolutionEleven descendants of suffragists remind us that it wasn’t so long ago that women couldn’t vote for president, much less run for it.
  5. from the mouths of men
    Wallets Full of WomenLet’s analyze what the GOP candidates said when asked, “Which woman would you put on the $10 bill?”
  6. monuments
    Central Park Doesn’t Have Any Statues of Actual Historical WomenThat could be changing soon, though.
  7. lists
    34 Splashiest Courtroom Outfits of All TimeLiLo’s leather, Marie Antoinette’s rags, Jacko’s waistcoats.