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Susan Boyle

  1. saving grace coddington
    Grace Coddington Wanted Susan Boyle to Play Lady Gaga’s Part in the Hansel and Gretel SpreadAnna Wintour said no.
  2. first looks
    Video: Behind the Scenes of Susan Boyle’s Harper’s Bazaar Fashion ShootShe moonwalked in her Giuseppe Zanotti heels.
  3. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle Won’t Appear on the September Cover of Harper’s BazaarBut the magazine did shoot her. Was it simply for quick, cheap buzz?
  4. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle on Oprah: Still Frumpy and HappyShe colored her hair to ‘tidy up a bit, like any other female.’
  5. make it work
    Heidi Klum Wants Susan Boyle for Project Runway“She could be a good challenge,” quoth the Klumster. What does that mean?
  6. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle’s Wearing Burberry NowAnd makeup!
  7. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle’s Eyebrows Decidedly Less BushyShe plucked!
  8. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle Appears to Have a New, Brightly Patterned Dress and Leather JacketThis is certainly a new look for her!
  9. quotables
    Susan Boyle Doesn’t Want a Makeover“For now I’m happy the way I am — short and plump.”
  10. she dreamed a dream
    Should Susan Boyle Get a Makeover?Amanda Holden is trying to protect her from one. But can her legions of American fans accept her just as she is?