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Susanne Bartsch

  1. are u coming?
    Susanne Bartsch Still Likes to FlirtShe has a new night at midtown’s most mega of new megaclubs.
  2. party lines
    The Studio 54 Crowd Has a New Nightlife SpotThe famous nightclub’s co-founder just opened a new hotel, the Public.
  3. lady of the night
    Tour the Fantastical Wardrobe of a Nightlife QueenSusanne Bartsch walks us through her sweeping new exhibit.
  4. no matte surfaces
    Inside Marc Jacobs’s Delirious Costume PartyThe designer wanted to celebrate a time, he said, “before jogging pants ruled the world.”
  5. dress to impress
    Over-the-Top Dress Codes Are Making a Triumphant Return Better get your “fantasy evening attire” on deck.
  6. style tribes
    A Nightlife Legend Brings Her Scene to BrooklynSusanne Bartsch’s first party in the borough attracted crowds, costumes, and Alexander Wang.