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  1. The Worst Sushi Date You’ll Ever Hear AboutThis story might make you choke up.
  2. gross things
    What’s the Deal With Sushi and Tapeworms?An expert on whether that gross sushi incident could happen to you.
  3. Finally There Is Sushi for HypebeastsBecause waiting in line at Kith makes you hungry.
  4. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kylie Jenner Gives Up on Juice Cleanse After Several Grueling HoursShe got sushi instead.
  5. a mermaid’s tale
    A Real-Life Mermaid’s Waterproof Beauty SecretsA lady with a fin tells us about the best mascara under the sea.
  6. yeah it’s a diet story
    Watch: Rebecca Harrington Talks the Beyoncé DietIt all ends with sushi.
  7. her mossness
    Kate Moss Designed a Sushi Box, for Some ReasonIt’s trimmed with sequins.