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  1. teens explain things to me
    A Guide to Cool Teen SlangIn: Gucci, Curve, Cyph. Out: YOLO, Swag, Bae.
  2. life goals
    Come, Behold Rick Ross’s Palatial ClosetSo much Versace.
  3. feminine products
    We Could Have Had Charli XCX TamponsHer innovative branding was thwarted.
  4. beyoncemojis
    Decode the Hidden Message in These Beyoncé Emoji T-ShirtsWear your cherry on your sleeve.
  5. in the swag bag
    Fashion Week’s Biggest Swag Bag Weighs 70 lbs.It’s a suitcase. Here’s everything in it.
  6. scene stealers
    The Ecstatic Scene From Alexander Wang’s Surprise Clothing Giveaway“I just told my dad I experienced ecstasy for the first time.”
  7. party chat
    Amber Tamblyn Isn’t Shy About Wearing Swag-Bag FreebiesAt last, someone admits it!