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  1. hot shot
    Our Compliments to the ChefJeremy Allen White took his pecs for a run.
  2. influencers
    Would You Pay $400 Million for a ‘Bikini Body’?Fitness influencer Kayla Itsines just sold her exercise platform in a huge deal with tech brand iFit.
  3. science of us
    Am I Confident Enough in My Social Life to Consider a Peloton?Probably not.
  4. 2018 midterms
    In Praise of Beto O’Rourke, the Sweaty ManHillary had pantsuits, Beto has sweat.
  5. brand to know
    This Deodorant Has an 8,000-Person WaitlistMegababe wants to help you, not shame you.
  6. working out
    How to Tone Your Muscles When You’re Doing NothingIf you’re reading this article and not engaging your core, you’re doing it wrong.
  7. sex appeal
    Men Who Eat More Vegetables Smell Sexier to WomenIt’s scientifically proven.
  8. the exercist
    Gabrielle Union Doesn’t Pretend to Love the Gym“Is it fair to say you don’t like working out?”
  9. Bacteria Shirt Might Be the Key to Not Being Drenched in Sweat After Working OutThe bioLogic shirt was designed by MIT scientists.
  10. am i dying
    Why Do I Wake Up Drenched in Sweat?Maybe don’t Google it.
  11. let’s move
    Science Says Exercise Helps Treat and Prevent DepressionIf you feel terrible, try sweating.
  12. wellness theories
    Why You Should Eat a Cookie Before Your WorkoutReally. And not fake cookies either.
  13. fitfam
    The Trainer Who Posts Unflattering Selfies on Instagram“Flexing is a five-second thing. That’s not how I am walking around, or when I’m sitting.”
  14. how to be flawless
    How 7 Models Hide Sweat in the Summer“A few hot men fanning me with a bamboo leaf. Half-naked, preferably.”
  15. sweat
    If You’re Way Too Sweaty, Blame Your Early ChildhoodPlus: Sweat glands’ secret, under-the-radar purpose.
  16. the exercist
    How I Found Love in a Sweaty Hole-in-the-WallAn ode to SoulCycle.
  17. hairy situations
    How to Deal With Your Hair After the GymBecause washing your hair shouldn’t count as additional cardio. 
  18. workout gifs
    The Netflix Workout How to watch Netflix and exercise at the same time. 
  19. advice
    Help Me Become the Least-Smelly Person AroundWhat to do if you’re suffering from deodorant paranoia.
  20. am i dying
    Should I Stop Using Antiperspirant?What you should know about putting chemicals in your pits.
  21. advice
    How to Not Look Like You’re Drenched in SweatThe Cut editors share tips for avoiding swamp-ass in our latest advice video.
  22. at the beach
    How to Sweat and Like ItAn ode to a bodily function.
  23. genitalia
    CrossFitters Are Posting Sweat-Angel Pics That Resemble GenitalsDudes’ angels look like uteruses.
  24. sweat
    Even Jennifer Aniston’s Sweat Is a Hair Product“It’s like a little product,” says Jennifer Aniston of her sweat. 
  25. sweat
    Some People’s Sweat Doesn’t Make Them StinkIt’s thanks to genetic good fortune. 
  26. the exercist
    How to Have an Open Relationship With ExerciseMeet ClassPass, the “Open Table” for gyms.
  27. beautygrams
    Your Sweaty Face Is a Runway Beauty Trend But maybe only if it involves some light contouring.
  28. the exercist
    The Workout Class That Makes You Feel Like BeyoncéWe swirl. We booty-clap. We surfbort. We twerk.
  29. crazy things
    The Most Expensive Leggings People (Allegedly) Work Out In$938 Alexander Wang jogging pants? Sure!
  30. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Jason Derulo Tore Off His Tank TopSo much sweat.