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  1. sweatshops
    Oh Good, Some Retailers Are Trying to Fix BangladeshTarget, Gap, and Walmart will inspect all their factories there.
  2. sweatshops
    Governments Finally Meet About BangladeshBut will they actually do anything?
  3. things that are terrible
    Zara Workers Allegedly Held in Factories ‘Against Their Will’“We found men and children who lived in places where they worked.”
  4. broadminded
    The Shopping Ethicist: In Search of a Feminist BoutiqueCan a responsible feminist shop till she drops?
  5. lawsuits
    Alexander Wang ‘Sweatshop’ Allegations DismissedThe two parties settled out of court.
  6. lawsuits
    Unsurprisingly, Alexander Wang Officially Denies Sweatshop Charges“There is no basis whatsoever for plaintiffs’ frivolous and entirely unsupportable accusations.”
  7. shops that might be sweaty
    Alexander Wang Lashes Back at Lawsuit PlaintiffWenyu Lu was allegedly fired for bullying his co-workers, not because he complained about long working hours.
  8. shops that might be sweaty
    Alexander Wang Lawsuit Stalled; Bizarre Lawyer Beef SurfacesThe case has been dropped, but may be refiled in federal court.
  9. lawsuits
    Another Person Is Suing Alexander WangHe’s innocent until proven guilty, y’all.
  10. lawsuits
    Alexander Wang Denies Those Sweatshop AllegationsIt is ON.
  11. fast fashion
    Fast fashion’s bottom line.The dark side of those $20 jeans.
  12. loose threads
    Alleged Sweatshop Busted; Lauren Conrad Doesn’t Really Design Her Clothing LineAlso, Halston expands and Armani’s profits soar (Giorgio celebrated by wearing a Speedo on his yacht).