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  1. sweetface
    Do You Have ‘Sugar Face’?Would you be more beautiful if you gave up sugar?
  2. inevitable things
    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Launching a Lifestyle Line for Kohl’sTommy Hilfiger is somehow involved.
  3. inevitable things
    Jennifer Lopez Will Temporarily Spare the U.S. Her Clothing LineShe’s just not very good at branding herself.
  4. everyone’s a designer
    Celebs Insist on Wearing Their Own CrapFor LiLo or Lauren Conrad, it kinda works. But J.Lo, Katie Holmes, and Matthew McConaughey? Cringe.
  5. new york fugging city
    Celeb Designers Fug Up Fashion WeekSure, we enjoy the exotic frocks that cost more than our cars, but we really cherish the crazy stuff sent down the catwalk by delusional celebrities convinced they can be the next Derek Lam.