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  1. swellness
    Things We Tried and Would Use AgainRhode’s new cleanser, Topical’s lip salve, and more.
  2. first person
    I Tried It: Estrogen Face CreamRubbing estrogen onto my face seemed scary, until it wasn’t.
  3. advice
    What to Do (and Not to Do) When Your Friend Has a NewbornForget sending a onesie.
  4. parenting
    Surviving the Death Talk With My KidFinding the words to explain the unspeakable.
  5. parenting
    The Last Fertility TabooWhy many women still shy away from telling people they used an egg donor to conceive.
  6. advice
    The Longevity Expert Who Wants You to Stay Young ForeverDr. Mark Hyman is reframing our concept of getting old.
  7. first person
    Hanging Out With Your Friends Is Good for YouEspecially if you don’t have anything actually planned.
  8. first person
    Yep, Sobriety Is Good for Your SkinGiving up alcohol — which is pro-inflammatory and dehydrating — naturally depuffed and contoured my face.
  9. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When a Partner Is ImpotentFor starters, don’t take it personally.
  10. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Chemical Sunscreen?It comes down to the word “chemical” itself.
  11. parenting
    Are We All Secretly Co-sleeping?The answer, according to Instagram and TikTok, is yes. Now if only we could talk about it outside of the comments section.
  12. first person
    The Hidden Grief of Secondary InfertilityI’m tired of hearing that I should be happy with what I have.
  13. first person
    I Want My Unibrow BackEven though I’ve been fighting it since I was 9.
  14. advice
    I’m Married, But Sometimes I Prefer Sleeping AloneWhat happened when I left behind the bed I share with my husband for the spare mattress.
  15. swellness
    I Tried Peoplehood, ‘a Workout for Your Relationships’Inside Manhattan’s new social club–slash–support group from the founders of SoulCycle.
  16. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Hydroquinone?The skin-lightening ingredient is now available only with a prescription.
  17. 25 famous women on
    25 Famous Women on Their ‘Worst’ Health Habits“I just lay there and drink whiskey.” Relatable!
  18. first person
    My Night in an Emergency Psych WardAn involuntary check-in led to a voluntary life change.
  19. sleep
    My Relationship Is Getting in the Way of My MorningsMy boyfriend refuses to use sunlight as our alarm clock. I can’t wake up without it.
  20. as told to
    13 Years in Search of an OrgasmA 30-year-old woman has tried everything from herbs to different sex positions to nerve-blocking shots to find a release.
  21. swellness
    Meet the People Working 3 Jobs to Afford Erewhon“Even though I’m a starving artist, it’s become my identity.”
  22. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When a Co-worker Has a Mysterious IllnessSometimes the best thing you can do is provide some normalcy.
  23. swellness
    ‘Wellness’ Was Never About Our Well-BeingIn The Wellness Trap, Christy Harrison goes deep on a wildly profitable industry that preys on vulnerable people who just want to feel better.
  24. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Toxins in Nail Polish?A close look at the chemicals in your favorite colors.
  25. swellness
    I Tried … SolidcoreBut I didn’t sign over to the cult just yet.
  26. first person
    Going Gray Was the Easy PartIt was everything else happening to my aging hair that I wanted to reverse.
  27. swellness
    Are You There, Judy Blume? It’s Me, Kelly Fremon Craig.The novelist refused to adapt her most famous work for 50 years. One letter changed her mind.
  28. first person
    The Week Before My Sons Were Born, I Lost My SmileWhen Bell’s palsy paralyzed one side of my face, I had to find other ways to express joy.
  29. first person
    Living Abroad Helped Me Cope With My Tourette SyndromeIn France, the slower pace of life and resistance to American-style productivity culture can be as effective as medication.
  30. first person
    Outsourcing My OrgasmAn erotic massage gave me back the body I thought I’d lost.
  31. swellness
    Things We Tried and Would Use AgainWe try dozens of products a month. Here are the ones worth your money.
  32. chronic pain
    Why Aren’t More of Us Talking About Slipping Rib Syndrome?“This is probably one of the most underdiagnosed conditions people have,” one doctor says.
  33. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When Someone Is Having a Panic AttackYou can’t stop it, but you can provide comfort.
  34. first person
    Could I Still Be Ambitious Without My OCD?I quieted my anxious thoughts by working hard. That only made my disorder worse.
  35. secrets
    My Weight-Loss LieFor years, I refused to tell most people about my gastric-sleeve surgery — eventually I couldn’t stomach hiding the truth any longer.
  36. grief
    Life After Knowing How You’re Going to DieFour years after testing positive for Huntington’s disease, a fatal genetic disorder, Jasmine Demers is navigating life while planning for her future.
  37. advice
    How Worried Should I Be About Aluminum in My Deodorant?It’s been found safe (though it can irritate the underarm skin).
  38. first person
    Confessions of a Former Morning PersonI used to wake up without a sense of dread. Now I can barely drag myself out of bed.
  39. first person
    In Bed With My SobrietySex without booze is awkward, anxiety inducing, and downright terrifying. And it can be amazing.
  40. first person
    My Trip to Korea Taught Me the Truth About Skin CareI’m Korean American and, for a long time, my cultural beauty practices felt like a badge of honor.
  41. beauty
    The New Face Tattoo Doesn’t Look Like OneInked-on lip color, eyeliner, and freckles — like those done by Brooklyn-based artist Saki Lee — look more natural than ever.
  42. first person
    I Was Diagnosed With MS After Doctors Ignored Me for 13 YearsIt took me another four years to stop being angry about it.
  43. first person
    Going Hungry in the KitchenWhen it’s your job to feed everyone else, nobody ever suspects that you’re starving.
  44. first person
    I Woke Up Skinny One DayIn our thin-obsessed culture, that may sound like a dream. It’s been a nightmare.
  45. first person
    Yes, You Can Have Pelvic-Floor Issues Without Giving BirthThe condition is both shockingly widespread and maddeningly underdiscussed.
  46. why is your skin so good
    How Jessica Alba Gets Her Skin So GoodShe swears by never letting toxins anywhere near her.
  47. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When a Friend Gets Too Much BotoxYour first reaction cannot be “yikes.”
  48. how not to f*ck up your face
    Do Pricey Silicone Patches Work to Eliminate Wrinkles?A dermatologist weighs in on a different kind of patch test.
  49. swellness
    Love and Marriage and MenopauseMy hormones turned sex with my husband into a labor of love. Emphasis on the labor part.
  50. grief
    For Better and for WorseWhen my husband was finally diagnosed with dementia, I vowed to take care of him. Then he filed for divorce.
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