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    Hear the Cut’s Squat Workout Hip-hop PlaylistDip It Low.
  2. swellness
    Should You Make Yourself More Alkaline?About that acid allegedly coursing through your veins.
  3. swellness
    Please Don’t Make Me Try Maca Ever AgainPeople swear it’s a good coffee substitute. People are crazy.
  4. swellness
    Teresa Palmer on Self-Love and Breast-feeding Her 2-Year-Old“When you source your happiness from an internal place, and you truly are putting yourself at the center there, you never get too wobbly.”
  5. swellness
    How Algae Went From Horse Food to Wellness TrendE3Live, explained.
  6. swellness
    Breathing Classes Helped Me Deal With My AnxietyEven though they made me feel like I was having a panic attack.
  7. swellness
    Trying Out Enchanted Crystal, the Birchbox for CrystalsWould getting sparkly rocks in the mail change my life?
  8. swellness
    Women Biohackers Take Root in Silicon ValleyBut the male-dominated field isn’t always welcoming.
  9. swellness
    Does Anyone Really Need a Professional Health Coach?Are they legit?
  10. swellness
    The 26 Best Wellness Accounts on InstagramScroll through the best fitness and health accounts that will motivate you through your next smoothie recipe, Saturday run, or meditation attempt.
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    Lessons From a 4-Day Experiment With Laxative TeasDo laxative teas work? It depends on what you’re going for …
  12. swellness
    Tracy Anderson on Wellness Lies“People want a quick fix. They want magic.”
  13. swellness
    Does My DNA Hold the Secret to Wellness?What I learned from a personalized fitness test.
  14. swellness
    Instagram Fitness Star Massy Arias on Depression and Latina Beauty StereotypesHow the trainer and activist used exercise to change her life.
  15. swellness
    The Real Housewives Guide to WellnessFriends and husbands come and go, but strong opinions on wellness live forever.
  16. swellness
    Michael Phelps Has Clearly Been Reading Old Goop PostsCupping marks abound.
  17. swellness
    How to Spend $40,000 on the Perfect Home GymCan you really be at your peak shape without a set of $14,000 dumbbells?
  18. swellness
    Sleeping With … Spencer PrattHow the reality star and crystal aficionado does bedtime.
  19. swellness
    Women Hate Their Bodies Slightly Less Than They Used ToBut still more than men hate theirs.
  20. swellness
    Listen to the Cut’s Yoga Playlist 2016Flow to Rihanna and Feist.
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    Steal Her Crystal, But Amanda Chantal Bacon Will Only Get an Even Bigger CrystalThe Moon Juice founder will not be broken.
  22. swellness
    How to Prevent the Most Common Boutique-Fitness InjuriesFrom spinning, the treadmill, yoga, CrossFit, and dance cardio.
  23. swellness
    Soccer Star Carli Lloyd on Ice Baths and PedicuresThe USWNT co-captain trains like a beast.
  24. swellness
    Just Like You, Ryan Lochte Is Really Into Avocado Toast Right NowBut the swimmer is not feeling spiralized pasta.
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    Meet the Woman Giving Healing Crystals to Hip-hop StarsRadio personality Devi Brown explains why crystals are so special, and why rappers are clutching them onstage.
  26. Magic Men Share the Fitness and Diet Regimens That Give Them Their Ripped BodiesMuscles on muscles on muscles.
  27. swellness
    Is Your Smoothie Making You Fat?Depends what’s in it.
  28. swellness
    ‘Wellness Workspaces’ Bring Meditation to the OfficeBut is “co-working out” just an incentive to spend more time at work?
  29. swellness
    The Bloop Guide to WellnessAminatou Sow and Jenna Wortham on self-love and self-care.
  30. swellness
    Sorry, But an Avocado Is Not a BunWhat fresh hell is this?
  31. swellness
    I Want to Be the Smoothie-Bowl Queen of America‘I Like This Bitch’s Life: Swellness Edition’ examines Lee Tilghman’s Instagram.
  32. swellness
    Can Serenol, a Bee-Pollen Supplement, Cure PMS?“I am officially perimenopausal.”
  33. swellness
    Scientists Are Trying to Ruin Our Collective Wine FunResveratrol pills are not good news for winos.
  34. swellness
    Tom Brady and Gisele’s Ultrarestrictive Diet From HellThis is no joke.
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    I Put Needles in My Face for Beauty — I Mean WellnessGoing beneath the surface for extremely surface reasons — an acupuncture face-lift.
  36. swellness
    Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk Loves Late-Night Pizza and SleepSleeping with Elsa Hosk.
  37. swellness
    19 Things to Buy on Amazon to Make Your Life HealthierA protein powder that tastes like cookies and headphones that won’t slip off.
  38. swellness
    The Cut’s Running Playlist 2016When you can’t stand the sound of your panting.
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    How Changing My Diet Helped My EndometriosisYes, going vegan is good for something.
  40. swellness
    Being a Couch Potato Could Kill You and the Global EconomyOh, that’s all?
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    A Guide to Switchel, the Latest ‘It’ Wellness DrinkIt contains apple-cider vinegar (of course) but actually tastes good.
  42. swellness
    Snooki on Jersey Shore Wellness and Sexy Muscles“There was no sense of wellness, really, when I was filming Jersey Shore. “
  43. swellness
    The Problem With Sweet-Potato ‘Toast’ and Watermelon ‘Pizza’Must we lie to ourselves in order to be healthy?
  44. swellness
    Pictures of Food Have Always Been About StatusThat oil painting of a fruit bowl was for Likes.
  45. swellness
    Is There Natural Sunscreen in Carrots?Can eating (or wearing) certain foods protect you against the sun?
  46. swellness
    Adriana Lima’s Biggest Wellness SecretIt involves sweat.
  47. swellness
    Of Course This CrossFit Couple’s Wedding Cake Was PaleoThey got married at Saturday’s CrossFit Games.
  48. swellness
    Tata Harper on Natural Skin Care and Why It Works“It’s all a matter of ignorance.”
  49. swellness
    The Stolen Moon Juice Crystal Finally Speaks OutShe’s in a better place now.
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    The Easiest Way to Burn 600 Calories Is by Sitting in a 150-Degree BoxGwyneth Paltrow, Leonardo DiCaprio, and models are all into “detoxing” and sweating it out in hot boxes.
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