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  1. davos
    Mother Nature Is Rebelling Against BillionairesDavos, the home of the World Economic Forum, is being buried under snow.
  2. look book
    The Retired Social Worker From Switzerland, on Holiday in New York“I was really surprised by how respectful people are of one another here. Except when we were having trouble with our MetroCard at JFK.”
  3. scenes
    Palaces, Penises, and Parties With the Young Jet SetForty-eight hours in Gstaad, made for Instagram.
  4. sex ed
    Look at the Cool Penis Toys Swiss Kids GotUntil parents became angry.
  5. good ideas
    Swiss ‘Sex Boxes’ Sound LovelyTeakwood and string lights in a secluded corner of Zurich.
  6. look of the day
    Solange, the Print-Mixing QueenShe sang at an “art bar installation.”