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  1. 5 questions with…
    Fame Hasn’t Changed Sydney Sweeney (That Much)She still likes old cars and hangs out with her dog, Tank. Now, she just does so in Miu Miu.
  2. celebrity
    Here’s Why Tomi Lahren Is Defending Sydney SweeneyIt started with a birthday party.
  3. red carpet
    All the Best Looks at the 2022 MTV Movie and TV AwardsSydney Sweeney, Vanessa Hudgens, Jay Ellis, and more!
  4. oh!
    Allow Sydney Sweeney’s Grandma to Give Her Take on the Euphoria NudityTFW you invite your family to the Euphoria premiere and forget about the nude scenes.
  5. celebrity
    Sydney Sweeney Is Reportedly EngagedShe and boyfriend Jonathan Davino have been dating since 2018.
  6. euphoria
    Can You Imagine Hiding in a Bathtub for That Long?The most anxiety-inducing scene of Euphoria’s season-two premiere isn’t even the drug deal.
  7. auto-refill
    The Beauty Products Sydney Sweeney Uses to the Last DropThe Euphoria actress on the $5 mascara she’s used her “entire life,” the shampoo that saved her dyed hair, and more.
  8. why is your skin so good
    How This Euphoria Star Gets Her Skin So GoodSydney Sweeney on dealing with combination skin and cystic acne.