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  1. science of us
    I Can’t Stop Reading This Twitter Thread on People Who Literally See TimeGrass is green, the sky is blue, and Wednesday is magenta.
  2. Want Synesthesia? Try Learning a New LanguagePeople who became bilingual later in life are more likely to experience the mysterious blurring of the senses.
  3. How a Lightning-Strike Victim Shed Light on a Mysterious Brain ConditionOne woman’s misfortune was a lucky break for scientists.
  4. There’s a Form of Synesthesia Where People Literally See Time in Front of ThemIt’s called “calendar synesthesia,” and scientists are using it to understand how our brains process time and space.
  5. Why Do So Many Artists Have Synesthesia?Exploring the link between this cross-wiring of the senses and creativity.
  6. The People Who Store Their Emotions in Their FingertipsWith tactile-emotional synesthesia, just touching fabric is enough to trigger extreme sadness or disgust.
  7. synesthesia
    Meet a Doctor With the Almost-Superpower of Mirror-Touch Synesthesia“When Salinas performs a spinal tap on a patient, he can feel the needle going into his own lower back.”
  8. synesthesia
    A Wild Interview With a Girl Who Feels the Feelings of MachinesA 15-year-old from Houston explains her “mirror-touch” synesthesia.