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  1. action item
    How to Help the People of Turkey and SyriaWeeks after two powerful earthquakes killed more than 46,000 people, another one hit Turkey.
  2. protest
    Scenes from Police Brutality Protests Around the WorldIn cities across the globe, people gathered in solidarity with U.S. protesters demanding an end to racist law enforcement.
  3. gallery
    A Lebanese Artist Draws Portraits of Syrians in ExileMounira Al Solh’s exhibition “I believe in our right to be frivolous” opens at the Art Institute in Chicago today.
  4. the golden door
    Nour Is a Syrian Immigrant. She’s Afraid to Say Her Name Out Loud in America.The September edition of the Cut’s Golden Door comic.
  5. politics
    Syrian Missile Strike Was Reportedly Influenced by ‘Heartbroken’ IvankaEric Trump said his sister was “heartbroken and outraged” by the gas attack.
  6. The Little Girl Who Tweeted From Syria Opens Up About Night Her House Was BombedBana Alabed sat down with the BBC for a new interview.
  7. The Little Girl Who Tweeted From War-torn Aleppo Has Been RescuedBana Alabed tweeted about living in Aleppo during airstrikes.
  8. Bana Alabed
    This Little Girl Is Tweeting About Her Heartbreaking Life in War-torn SyriaBala Alabed, 7, lives in Aleppo and is sharing her daily struggles there.
  9. The Psychological Reason You Care More About This Kid Than Millions of RefugeesThe bias against collective suffering.
  10. overseas
    Two Sisters’ Escape From SyriaIn this year’s massive human migration to Europe, some young women have been forced to make the journey alone.
  11. altruism
    Europe’s Refugee Crisis and the Biology of Human AltruismLooking to glimpses of altruism that have emerged in the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.
  12. birthdays
    Malala Marked Her First Day of Adulthood by Opening a School The Nobel Peace Prize–winning activist spent the day with Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
  13. terrorism
    Can Potential Terrorists Be ‘Rehabilitated’?Denmark is taking the lead in an interesting, counterintuitive experiment.
  14. attention please
    Final Tally: Americans Were 12 Times More Interested in Miley Cyrus Than SyriaEven though news sites wrote about Syria more.
  15. surreal media
    The Syrian Dictator’s Instagram, by the NumbersThe First Lady went on an Instagram spree yesterday.
  16. hot men
    Male Gaze: The Heroic Foreign CorrespondentHey, Richard Engel’s also handsome.