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  1. the most important month of the year
    Confirmed September Cover Girls Include Jennifer Aniston and Hilary Swank, But Not Lindsay LohanThis information has pretty much been known for a while, but it’s extremely important, so worth reviewing!
  2. ins and outs
    Tabitha Simmons to T?Word is Sally Singer will poach her from ‘Vogue’ for ‘T.’
  3. ins and outs
    Meredith Melling Burke to Replace Anne Christensen at T?The editor shakeup at ‘T,’ and possibly ‘Vogue,’ ‘Elle,’ ‘Glamour,’ and ‘Marie Claire,’ continues.
  4. ins and outs
    Sally Singer Is Pulling Someone New to Replace Anne Christensen As T’s Fashion DirectorStaffers are reportedly not happy with how Christensen has been treated.
  5. ins and outs
    Anna Wintour Already Promoted People at Vogue to Fill Sally Singer’s PositionTwo ‘Vogue’ staffers will take over Singer’s duties.
  6. t watch
    Sally Singer Is Leaving Vogue for T! [Updated]What will Anna do?
  7. t watch
    Anne Christensen Reportedly Beat Out Horatio Silva to Head T’Vogue’ editor Sally Singer is said to have turned down the job.
  8. party lines
    Stefano Tonchi on His T Replacement and Settling In at WIt’s a different culture from the ‘Times.’
  9. t watch
    Sally Singer to Leave Vogue for T?Sources say she’s a top contender for Stefano Tonchi’s old job.
  10. w watch
    Stefano Tonchi to Make W ‘Less of a Fashion-Obsessed Publication’And “more of a general-interest style magazine.”
  11. w watch
    Stefano Tonchi IN at WRumors: confirmed.
  12. w watch
    Sources Say Stefano Tonchi Will Be Named Editor-in-Chief of WTop staffers at ‘W’ will reportedly leave.
  13. media deathwatch
    T Magazine DownsizesThe New York ‘Times’ will only publish twelve issues of it this year, down from fifteen.
  14. cover girls
    TomKat to Grace the Cover of ‘T’ Next MonthWe kind of wish they’d stick to ‘In Touch’ covers.
  15. the carla chronicles
    Carla Bruni Poses for ‘T’ MagazinePaolo Roversi shot Bruni in Paris last week for a special French winter fashion issue.