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    Horacio Silva Leaves TThe online fashion director has moved out, just as the paywall moved in.
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    Behold: Sally Singer’s First T IssueThe magazine is less fashion-focused.
  3. party lines
    Q&A With Sally Singer: ‘The Great Thing About T Is It Doesn’t Compete With Anybody’She explains how she can still be friends with her ex-’Vogue’ staffers, what we can expect from ‘T,’ and more.
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    Sally Singer Poaches Vogue Staffers for TIncluding Danielle Steele and Leslie Moonves’s daughters.
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    Sally Singer Reveals T’s New Fashion Director, and She’s Not From VogueEditor-in-chief replaces Anne Christensen with Michelle Sanders, senior VP of accessories at Donna Karan.
  6. ins and outs
    Glamour Said to Have Hired Anne ChristensenThe magazine wouldn’t confirm the rumors, but she’ll reportedly start next month.
  7. ins and outs
    Tabitha Simmons to T?Word is Sally Singer will poach her from ‘Vogue’ for ‘T.’
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    Sally Singer Is Leaving Vogue for T! [Updated]What will Anna do?
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    Anne Christensen Reportedly Beat Out Horatio Silva to Head T’Vogue’ editor Sally Singer is said to have turned down the job.
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    Sally Singer to Leave Vogue for T?Sources say she’s a top contender for Stefano Tonchi’s old job.