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  1. succession
    Let This Brian Cox Quote Be Your GuideThe Succession star is “too old, too tired, and too talented,” and, honestly, same.
  2. tv
    Here’s Sebastian Stan on Filming With an Animatronic PenisThe actor had a one-of-a-kind experience filming Pam & Tommy.
  3. k-i-s-s-i-n-g
    Lexi and Fez, Sitting in a TreeCould this be Euphoria’s most unexpected romance?
  4. and just like that
    How Many Hats Does One Woman Need?A running list of every hat Carrie has worn on And Just Like That …
  5. recap
    And Just Like That … Carrie Is Dating AgainDrunk-vomiting, too.
  6. and just like that
    Steve Deserves BetterJustice for Sex and the City’s kindest man.
  7. euphoria
    Jacob Elordi Agrees, Nate Deserved It“I would love to beat him up.”
  8. recap
    An Attempt to Explain Why All These Bachelor Blondes Are FightingYou get a villain edit! And you get a villain edit!
  9. euphoria
    Can You Imagine Hiding in a Bathtub for That Long?The most anxiety-inducing scene of Euphoria’s season-two premiere isn’t even the drug deal.
  10. $$$
    Can You Tell Which of These Men Is Worth $10 Million?The reality dating competition Joe Millionaire is back, and somehow even more deranged.
  11. exit interview
    Search Party Finally Grows UpOver five seasons, the millennial satire became the truest thing on television.
  12. recap
    And Just Like That … We’re Still Thinking About CheEven if Charlotte doesn’t think Miranda is progressive enough for her obsessive masturbation fantasies.
  13. power
    And Just Like That … Reportedly Cut One Last Chris Noth SceneTVLine reports the actor will no longer appear in the season finale following allegations of sexual assault.
  14. recap
    The Thrill of Watching a Bachelor Contestant Admit ‘I Hate Him’Welcome to the history books, Claire, spray tanner.
  15. rip
    Is This the Most Unhinged Bachelor Entrance Yet?One contestant apparently gives Clayton her exes’ ashes.
  16. recap
    And Just Like That … Samantha Is Back-ishIf only she knew about Carrie wetting the bed.
  17. power
    Chris Noth Has Been Accused of Sexual AssaultA fourth woman has come forward accusing the Sex and the City actor of sexual assault.
  18. and just like that
    If Only It Was This Easy to Make FriendsHow do the women of And Just Like That … do it so effortlessly?
  19. recap
    And Just Like That … Carrie Is Smoking AgainA lesson from this week’s episode: Don’t invite Charlotte over for dinner.
  20. after the final rose
    Finally, a Bachelorette Gift That’s Actually UsefulMichelle Young went home with more than just a ring on her finger.
  21. the single life
    Who Exactly Is Swiping Left on Drew Barrymore?If Drew Barrymore can’t get a match, is there hope for the rest of us?
  22. culture
    The Chris Noth Peloton Ad Has Been PulledThe company removed the ad after two women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against the actor.
  23. encounter
    Nicole Ari Parker Is SATC’s New GuardThe actress brings an energy that stays true to the show’s spirit.
  24. recap
    And Just Like That, Carrie Gets BlockedIt’s not SATC without a classic Carrie spiral.
  25. she’s wearing flats
    Is This the Only Well-Adjusted SATC Character?Congratulations to Natasha and her flats.
  26. tv
    Bridget Everett, New York Comedy Treasure, Is Somebody SomewhereAn exclusive first look at Everett’s new HBO Max show premiering in January.
  27. sex and the city
    Why Isn’t Samantha in And Just Like That …?All the reasons Kim Cattrall did not want to be in the Sex and the City reboot.
  28. succession
    Get It, Cousin GregSuccession’s least-sexy character is suddenly getting slutty.
  29. succession
    How Bad Could Marrying a Roy Be?Willa asks the hard-hitting questions in Succession’s season-three finale.
  30. we babies
    Who Let Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus Get Matching Tattoos?These two should not have been left unsupervised.
  31. lylas
    PEN15 and the Grossness of GirlhoodThe show is unmatched in its depiction of being 13 and all its strange and awkward glory.
  32. tv
    Midori Francis Is Just As Obsessed With Her TV Relationship As You AreThe Sex Life of College Girls star reflects on couple names and Twitter.
  33. and just like that
    Here’s to You, BigA very spoiler-y appreciation of the SATC character because, well, keep reading.
  34. cut chat
    Every Thought We Had Watching And Just Like That…Unpacking the first installment of the Sex and the City reboot, from Samantha’s absence to Miranda’s grey hair.
  35. miss u
    And Just Like That … Knows Its Best Character Is MissingSamantha’s name kept coming up in the Sex and the City reboot.
  36. style
    The Best Part of Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Susie’s Insane ShirtsSusie Green is boldly reinventing what it means to wear a top.
  37. catching up
    So … What Happened on Sex and the City Again?A cheat sheet to where we left off and where And Just Like That … picks up.
  38. nightmares
    Imagine Sexting Your Dad by AccidentSunday night’s episode of Succession gave us one of the most heinous moments yet.
  39. quiz
    What Would Your Selling Sunset Song Sound Like?Figure out your luxury real-estate anthem, you hottie queen boss babes!
  40. what is real?
    Will I Ever Watch ‘Succession’ the Same Way?This Jeremy Strong profile makes me question everything.
  41. boss babies
    Kendall Roy’s Assistant Just Wants to Save HimSuccession star Juliana Canfield is the woman behind the trainwreck.
  42. meats
    Why Is the Food in Succession So Gross?Meats. So many meats.
  43. tis the season
    Every TV Show Needs a Good Holiday EpisodeIf you’re still thinking about the time Aaron Carter said, “Merry Christmas, Lizzie McGuire,” you might love the rest of these too.
  44. cousin greg
    Greenpeace Kindly Asks Cousin Greg Not To SueDon’t worry, Nicholas Braun promises Save The Children is safe.
  45. hot takes
    All the Houses in Selling Sunset Are … Kinda Ugly?In honor of the season-four premiere, let’s look at some of the most heinous decor featured on this show.
  46. tv
    Euphoria Is Back, BabyThe season-two trailer promises more sparkly makeup, people leaning way too far out of cars, and … a possible kidnapping???
  47. scammers
    Your Favorite Grifter Is the Star of a TV ShowThe trailer for Shonda Rhimes’s new series based on Anna Delvey is finally here.
  48. based on a true story
    Are You Ready for Lily James As Pamela Anderson?The Pam & Tommy trailer is fun and depressing at the same time.
  49. ooh la la
    Emily in Paris Is Back Whether You Like It or NotGird your croissants, the trailer for season two is here.
  50. sex and the city
    And Just Like That … the New SATC Reboot Teaser Is HereThe new series premieres on December 9.
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