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    The Best Leather Work Bags Are Under $400Overspending is for suckers.
  2. taking care of business
    Good Girls Revolt Isn’t a Perfect Show, But It Comes at the Perfect TimeTalking to Lynn Povich, author of the source book, about ‘60s feminism and the 2016 election.
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    ‘I Don’t Want to Be That Token": Women of Color Discuss Careers and AmbitionA group of women discuss the concrete ceiling, being “unicorns,” and why it’s important to give talks at your high school.
  4. How an Entrepreneur Is Changing the Way Black Women Travel the WorldTalking with Travel Noire founder, Zim Ugochukwu.
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    Can’t Find a Mentor? Look to Your PeersSometimes women your own age are best at helping build your career.
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    Don’t Let Anyone Knock Your HustleOne business tip to keep you working hard when it’s worth it.
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    How to Build a Successful Start-up That Isn’t All Hoodies and Long HoursThe two female founders of a new parenting app share why it’s important to build your company out of your own personal values.
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    How a Proud Black Designer Thrives in FashionRecho Omondi isn’t interested in playing by anyone else’s rules.
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    How Can I Dress for My Fancy New Job Without Going Broke?Financial advice for when you feel obligated to splurge.
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    Don’t Hide Your Maternity LeaveTalking to Anna Sale, host of Death, Sex, and Money, about not wanting to disappear after she had a baby.
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    Yes, Someone Designed a Reversible Suit, and It’s Actually ChicArgent promises to make women’s workwear smarter.
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    Start Your Business With a Co-founderOne quick tip to make opening a business even easier.
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    I Had No Sympathy for Working Moms Till I Became OneUnfortunately, empathy is not always a default setting.
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    11 Blouses to Make Your Work Wardrobe Less BoringThe easiest way to get dressed in the morning.
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    Two Female Founders Explain What It Is Like to Fund Their First BusinessThe founders of a new social house describe the triumphs and challenges of a year’s worth of fundraising.
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    Making Decisions Is About Trusting Your Gut, Even in BusinessA tip from a female founder on why you should follow your gut.
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    7 Tips From a Civil-Rights Attorney on How to Get a Job in Public ServiceAn interview with Maya Wiley, former legal counsel to Bill de Blasio, professor at New School, and chairwoman for the Civilian Complaint Review Board.
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    What You Actually Need to Start a Fashion CompanyFrom seven designers who did it.
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    Ask a Boss: Is Job-Hopping Still a Bad Thing?Depends on the jobs.
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    Why Your Personal Values Should Matter in Your CareerA tip from a female founder on why you should care about what you do.
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    So You Chose the Wrong Career: 8 Women on Their Second ActsIt might be scary at first, but it’s probably worth it.
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    Here’s a Handy Guide to Writing Your First Business PlanAnd why you should, even though they’re kind of outdated.
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    No One Ever Feels Fully Ready to Start a Business, So Just Go for ItA tip from a female founder on why you shouldn’t be afraid to jump right in.
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    How to Work in the Art World Without Selling Out Your PoliticsAn interview with recent MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, art historian, and curator Kellie Jones.