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Tampon Tax

  1. menstruation taxation
    These Activists Want to Know What’s in Your TamponsBecause you probably don’t know.
  2. tax-free ovaries
    Women in D.C. Will Soon Be Able to Buy Tampons Without Sales TaxThe D.C. mayor agreed to end the tampon tax.
  3. bad blood
    Drugstores Are Still Taxing Tampons Even Though It’s Now Illegal in New YorkFeminine hygiene products were supposed to be tax-free as of September 1.
  4. menstruation taxation
    Tampons in New York Are About to Get CheaperGovernor Cuomo officially repealed the tampon tax.
  5. let it bleed
    The Free-Bleeding Marathoner Is Still Smashing Period Stigma“I want everyone to talk about it.”
  6. period pieces
    How Ending the Tampon Tax Became Viral LegislationIt’s a health issue masquerading as a tax matter.
  7. menstruation taxation
    Bill to Nix Tampon Tax Unanimously Passes New York SenateAnd it’s headed straight to Governor Cuomo’s desk.
  8. menstrual utopia
    Bill Calls for Free Tampons in Schools, SheltersThe city should budget for feminine hygiene products just like toilet paper, proponents say.
  9. menstruation taxation
    The EU Just Eliminated the Tampon Tax; Your Move, AmericaNot only that, but they pledged to give the revenue generated from the tampon tax to women’s charities.
  10. menstruation taxation
    Fighting the Tampon Tax Is About More Than a Few Extra BucksIt’s a symbolic move that can pave the way for more menstrual legislation.
  11. shut it down
    In An Unsurprising Move, a Bunch of Men in Utah Vote to Keep the Tampon Tax Not a great day for Utah women.
  12. tampon tax
    Woman Free-Bleeds Outside Parliament to Protest Taxing Tampons“If people are grossed out by me not wearing a tampon then I think that emphasizes my point.”
  13. modern menses
    One NYC High School Now Offers Free TamponsOne Queens school is leading the way.
  14. video
    ‘Bad Blood’ Political Parody Skewers British Tampon TaxBrits are using the anthem to call for an end to the tampon tax.