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  1. hot shot
    Charli XCX Applauds Tampon String’s ‘Iconic’ Stage PresenceBreathtaking.
  2. science of us
    Even Scientists Are Onboard With Menstrual CupsWhat are you waiting for?
  3. science of us
    Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Menstrual Cups?They’ve gone mainstream. No, for real this time.
  4. science of us
    Teen Magazines Made Me Terrified of TSSThe toxic shock stories featured in early 2000s teen mags will forever haunt me.
  5. marketing
    IHOP’s New Logo Looks Strangely FamiliarInternational House of (Menstrual) Blood?
  6. am i dying
    How Much Should I Worry About Toxic Shock Syndrome If I Use Tampons?Deep breaths.
  7. This Country Wants to Be the First to Give Low-Income Women Free TamponsThrough a six-month pilot program in Aberdeen.
  8. menstruation taxation
    Why This Congresswoman Introduced a Bill to Make Menstrual Products FreeCongresswoman Grace Meng says some women can’t afford pads or tampons.
  9. am i dying
    I Accidentally Had Two Tampons In. What Should I Do?Step one: deep breaths.
  10. periods
    Brown University Bathrooms Will Have Free Tampons and PadsThe products will be in women’s, men’s, and gender-inclusive bathrooms.
  11. bad blood
    Drugstores Are Still Taxing Tampons Even Though It’s Now Illegal in New YorkFeminine hygiene products were supposed to be tax-free as of September 1.
  12. tampons
    Why It’s Especially Surprising for a Chinese Swimmer to Talk About Her PeriodOnly a fraction of Chinese women use tampons.
  13. menstruation taxation
    Tampons in New York Are About to Get CheaperGovernor Cuomo officially repealed the tampon tax.
  14. menstrual utopia
    NYC Will Provide Tampons in Schools, SheltersIt’s the first city in the country to pass “menstrual equity” legislation.
  15. vaginas
    Researchers Are Testing a Vaccine for Toxic Shock SyndromeThey’re already moving on to the second phase of clinical trials.
  16. ham4tam
    And Now, Here’s a Shirtless Daveed Diggs Making It Rain With TamponsA delightful video featuring the Hamilton star.
  17. good kids
    Teenage Boys Finally Do Something Good for MenstruationThey organized a donation drive for free pads and tampons so their classmates can bleed in peace.
  18. This Robotic Tampon Will Tell You Exactly When You Need to Change ItWearable tech’s next frontier is inside your pants. 
  19. period pieces
    How Ending the Tampon Tax Became Viral LegislationIt’s a health issue masquerading as a tax matter.
  20. menstruation taxation
    Bill to Nix Tampon Tax Unanimously Passes New York SenateAnd it’s headed straight to Governor Cuomo’s desk.
  21. bloody hell
    There’s Now a Tampon Hotline, Because Everyone Hates the New Tampax Pocket Pearl“You’re better off just flushing money away. Literally.”
  22. let’s get it on
    You Can Have Sex Wearing These ‘Menstrual Discs’“Flex can be worn during sex to prevent making a mess,” a dude said.
  23. tampons for all
    Chirlane McCray Wrote a Tampon Poem — Feel Free to Recite It Aloud ForeverFree tampons and rhymes!
  24. menstrual utopia
    Bill Calls for Free Tampons in Schools, SheltersThe city should budget for feminine hygiene products just like toilet paper, proponents say.
  25. menstruation taxation
    Fighting the Tampon Tax Is About More Than a Few Extra BucksIt’s a symbolic move that can pave the way for more menstrual legislation.
  26. if you’re reading this it’s not too late
    PSA: Don’t Keep Herbs in Your Chamber of SecretsYour vagina does not need a three-day detox.
  27. modern menses
    One NYC High School Now Offers Free TamponsOne Queens school is leading the way.
  28. friendly fearmongering
    Don’t Buy Organic Tampons to Be HealthyJessica Alba says her products are “safer,” but that’s not quite right.
  29. modern menses
    A No-Bullshit Tampon-Subscription ServiceAll-cotton tampons delivered to your door for $10 a month.
  30. bloody mess
    Toxic Shock Syndrome: It’s Not Just About Tampons Vice reports that a woman lost part of her leg from tampon-induced gangrene.
  31. bloody mess
    Menstruation Can Become Humiliation in PrisonsFemale inmates are routinely denied tampons and pads.
  32. feminine products
    We Could Have Had Charli XCX TamponsHer innovative branding was thwarted.
  33. for your health
    Do You Actually Know What’s in Your Tampons?Probably not!
  34. news
    There’s a Tampon Shortage in ArgentinaTwo weeks and counting of a short supply. 
  35. girl games
    Teenagers Make Fun Tampon-Shooting Video GameBang-bang. 
  36. teen girls
    Why Did a Fan Throw a Tampon at One Direction?Poetic sexual awakening or random boorishness?
  37. history
    Tampon Applicator Invented So We Wouldn’t Enjoy Tampons Too MuchThere must have been a misunderstanding.
  38. body horror
    Women Losing Objects in Their Vaginas: An Online Literature Review They often blog about it.