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  1. bronzed beauties
    Bradley Cooper Got Self-Tanned Every Single Day for A Star Is BornThe only way to get a true “cowboy complexion.”
  2. The Most Important Thing to Pack for Labor DayHere’s the truth about tanning.
  3. the skin we’re in
    How Likely Are You to Get Skin Cancer?Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States — here’s what you need to know.
  4. fake beauty news
    Lululemon Totes Are Spreading Questionable Sunscreen FactsFake news.
  5. would you look at that
    Banning Tanning Beds Would Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of DollarsHow are we still debating this?
  6. walking on the shady side of the street
    Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen From an AussieWhat growing up in Australia, the driest continent on the planet, taught me about sunscreen.
  7. obsessive tester
    Best Leg Makeup for a Sunless Summer GlowNo real tan, no problem. 
  8. don’t tan
    Swedish Tanning Salon Trying to Make Customers BlackNo.
  9. things that took entirely too long
    FDA: Wait, Maybe Tanning Isn’t Great for MinorsProbably not the best for adults, either.
  10. small victories
    Tanning Bed Use Is Finally on the DeclineTwo million Americans wised up.
  11. toxins
    Are the Chemicals in Sunscreen Worse for You Than Tanning?Demystifying the complicated process of protecting your skin.
  12. tanning
    Are ‘Base Tans’ a Good Idea?What you should know before you head into a tanning bed.
  13. bronze age
    The 35 Orangest Men Ever to Grace a Red CarpetA cautionary slideshow.
  14. beauty secrets
    Samantha Bee Would Be Lost Without EyelinerShe also wishes she had Cate Blanchett’s ethereal glow.
  15. faking it
    Can Spray-Tanning Give Me Gwyneth Paltrow Abs?Test-driving spring’s crop tops with some much-needed help from celebrity spray tanner Sophie Evans.
  16. what is happening?
    Amanda Bynes Went and Got Her Cheek PuncturedAlso: new hair and lashes and lips complete her makeover.
  17. beauty marks
    Mariah Carey Releases Three New Scents; Tanning Addiction May Be Classified As a Medical DisorderPlus, Theirry Mugler’s fishy new fragrance.
  18. beauty marks
    Tanning Linked to Addictive Behavior, Again; Dree Hemingway Named Face of Ferragamo FragranceAlso, a fancy new waxing salon is coming to Soho.
  19. beauty marks
    Snooki Spray-Tans Unsuspecting New Yorkers; Ke$ha Goes Out Without MakeupAnd Tom Ford’s new lipstick line comes out June 1.
  20. beauty marks
    Brad Pitt Too Bored to Shave; Tanning Tax in Effect by JulyAnd Kelly Osbourne’s hair is purple.
  21. beauty marks
    Bottega Veneta’s Extreme Comb-overs; JWOWW Is a Fan of Self-Tanning LotionPlus: The simple look at Dolce & Gabbana.
  22. beauty marks
    New Bill Proposes National Tanning Limits; John Mayer Hates Celebrity FragrancesAnd counterfeit fragrances contain traces of urine, bacteria, and antifreeze.
  23. orange people
    Another Reminder That Teenagers Should Really Stay Away From Tanning SalonsAn 18-year-old with skin cancer suggests she would have thought twice about indoor tanning if the warning label on the booth had been bigger.
  24. beauty marks
    Skin-Lightening Creams Can Be Dangerous; Ashley Olsen Can Really Change Up Her LookAnd Rihanna is bringing mop tops back.
  25. orange people
    Snooki Under Fire for Aspirations to Spearhead a Worldwide Fake-Tanning RevolutionA parental watchdog organization seems to have a little too much time on its hands.
  26. beauty marks
    Kate Moss Wants Her Own Makeup Line; Lady Gaga’s Hair Is YellowAnd the Rock & Republic cosmetics line is reportedly being discontinued.
  27. orange people
    Senate Replaces ‘Bo-tax’ With Tan TaxAt least this one is equally discriminatory, maybe.
  28. beauty marks
    Britain Proposes Tanning Ban for People Under 18; Nicole Kidman’s Beauty BlunderAnd women in cities care more about their looks than those who live in the country.
  29. orange people
    Senate Considers Tax on Indoor TanningIt sounds like a fairly lucrative revenue stream.
  30. beauty marks
    Keira Knightley’s Photoshopped Fragrance Campaign; Oprah Loves How Jay-Z SmellsAnd Phillip Lim and Henry Holland are both creating scents for the next Six Scents Fragrance Initiative series.
  31. beauty marks
    Debbie Harry Lost Her Eyebrows; Tanning-Bed Use Has Not DecreasedAnd Heidi Montag wants more cosmetic surgery.
  32. obviousness
    This Just In: Tanning Beds Are As Bad for You As SmokingAlso, arsenic and mustard gas.
  33. boobs or lose
    Topless Sunbathing OUT in FranceBut a group of militant feminists is fighting for it.
  34. beauty marks
    Germany Bans Teens From Tanning Beds; Chace Crawford Changes His HairAnd Vidal Sassoon is penning a book for next fall.
  35. beauty marks
    Brad Pitt Skips the Shower for Baby Wipes; Face-lift Marketing Has Its DangersAnd French actor Alain Delon stars in the new Dior men’s-fragrance campaign.
  36. this will scare you
    Just What You Don’t Need: The ‘Tan Through’ BikiniReplace your tan lines with skin cancer on your nether regions!
  37. beauty marks
    Estée Lauder Profits Plummet; LiLo May Not Use Her Own Tanning ProductsAlso, Jessica Biel is the next face of Revlon. So get excited.
  38. beauty marks
    Lindsay Lohan Launches Self-tanner Called Sevin NyneThe name is a play on Lindsay’s favorite numbers, naturally.
  39. celebrity fashion lines
    Lindsay Lohan Now Making Self-Tanner, Cheaper LeggingsIt’s all the work of her new brand-development firm, Stay Gold.
  40. beauty marks
    Marisa Miller Shuns the Sun; Braids Rule at London Fashion WeekAlso, Agyness Deyn’s assistant copies her do, and Giles Deacon doesn’t skimp on eye makeup.
  41. beauty marks
    Paris Hilton: ‘Everyone Should Get the Chance to Be Me’Paris Hilton launched the Website for her new hair extensions along with a catchy tagline, watercoloring your nails creates a marble effect, and eating raw foods might make skin more radiant.
  42. loose threads
    Aggy’s Eye Still Infected; Why Chloé Axed Paulo Melim Andersson• Agyness Deyn’s eye infection, which left her donning an eye patch at London Fashion Week, still hasn’t cleared up. She says everything looks blurry, like she’s drunk all the time. [British Vogue]
  43. beauty marks
    Marc Jacobs Cucumber Scent Earns Mixed ReviewsCommenters offer mixed reviews of Marc Jacobs Cucumber perfume. One says it smells like “cat piss,” while another calls it the first perfume she’s loved in years.