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  1. Getting Really Good at Wine Tasting Will Help You Learn How to Trust YourselfDrinking with the author of Cork Dork, a new book about the obsessive world of wine.
  2. Picky Eater? You Might Be a SupertasterOn the other end of the spectrum, the same thing goes for people who are super-adventurous with food.
  3. Scientists Found a ‘Sixth Taste,’ and It’s the Reason Why Pasta Is DeliciousStarchiness is the new umami.
  4. The Complicated Reasons Why You Like Some Foods and Hate OthersTaste preference is a tricky thing.
  5. One Day, You May Be Able to Tell If Your Medicine Is Working Just by Tasting ItAn unexpected use for one of the five senses.
  6. the senses
    Losing Your Sense of Taste Sounds TerribleScientists in the brand-new field of neurogastronomy are trying to help people gain it back. 
  7. myths
    There’s No Scientific Basis for the Tongue Map of TastesAlso, people can definitely tell the difference between more than four distinct tastes. 
  8. Why You Love Avocados and Other Foods You Used to HateA “food preference expert” explains how our taste evolves as we age.