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  1. fall fashion
    We Asked 850 Cut Readers What’s Tasteful and What’s TackyAre high-heeled Crocs tacky? What about an Hervé Léger bandage dress? And, for crying out loud, is Audrey Hepburn still the best we’ve got?
  2. tastemakers
    The ‘Art Merchant’ Auctioning Multimillion-Dollar WorksSarah Friedlander’s gig at Christie’s is an art lover’s dream.
  3. tastemakers
    The Activist Who Created the Most Instagrammable PanShiza Shahid has done it all, from co-founding the Malala Fund to designing amazing kitchenware.
  4. The Boutique Owner Helping Women Find Their Own StyleSherri McMullen brings luxury fashion to the Bay Area.
  5. tastemakers
    The Best Friends Selling Whacky Home GoodsFriends NYC in Bushwick is a destination for kitschy home goods and vintage clothing.
  6. tastemakers
    The Duo Selling One-of-a-Kind ObjectsMaiden Name is a womenswear line that also offers curated artisanal objects.
  7. tastemakers
    The Fashion Designer Who’s Also a Fitness FanaticSnow Xue Gao is all about function.
  8. tastemakers
    The Jewelry Designer Who Made a Million-Dollar RingMaggi Simpkins’s captivating work shines.
  9. tastemakers
    The Mogul Behind the ‘It’ Destination of the Cayman IslandsGabriella Khalil poured her love for art into her hotel, Palm Heights.
  10. tastemakers
    The Former Vogue Editor Known for Her StripesLa Ligne founder Valerie Macaulay is focused on the classics.
  11. tastemakers
    The Boutique Owner Nurturing CommunityHannah Richtman wants all of her customers to feel like they’re her friend.
  12. tastemakers
    The Trend Mastermind of ShopbopFor Caroline Maguire, fashion is, first and foremost, fun.
  13. tastemakers
    The Textile Designer Embracing ImperfectionÉlan Byrd makes sensual home goods.
  14. tastemakers
    The President of the RealReal on Her Favorite ThingsRati Levesque never says never.
  15. tastemakers
    The Jewelry Designer Purposely Making Imperfect PiecesPamela Love debuted her first-ever engagement rings.
  16. tastemakers
    The Sisters Who Want to Help You Cook Asian FoodOmsom takes the hard work out of creating truly flavorful dishes at home.
  17. tastemakers
    The Shop Owner Who Hates Fast FashionMadeline Ritaccio, founder of SENSE of SHELF, believes sustainability can be stylish.
  18. tastemakers
    The Founder Making Space for Queer People in BeautyGloria Noto’s skin-care line is for all genders and skin types.
  19. tastemakers
    The CEO Who’s Buying Our Used ClothingKristy Caylor says that fashion’s “old way is broken.”
  20. tastemakers
    The Designer Who’s Obsessed With Heels and CrystalsNana Jacqueline makes clothes for Instagram hotties.
  21. tastemakers
    The Designer Winning Boxing ChampionshipsNellie Partow is dedicated to strength and empowerment.
  22. tastemakers
    The Designer Making Wearable PaintingsYou could put Faisal AlFadda’s clothing in a museum.
  23. tastemakers
    The 20-Something CEO Dedicated to Bringing Black Girls JoyMary Imevbore has a new kind of wig company.
  24. tastemakers
    Tory Burch Loves Sunscreen and BackgammonAnd she just launched a new beauty collaboration.
  25. tastemakers
    The Fashion Publicist With a Taste for the Finer ThingsSara Larson loves a bold Hermès lip.
  26. tastemakers
    The Former Lawyer Who’s Now an Accessories MogulAlyce Tran is the co-founder of the Daily Edited.
  27. tastemakers
    The Hat Designer Who Prefers Intimate AffairsCourtney Bagtazo likes her accessories unique and her parties small.
  28. tastemakers
    The Twins Imagining a World of Slower LivingByron and Dexter Peart founded the ethical – and very stylish – home-goods marketplace Goodee.
  29. tastemakers
    The Jewelry Designer Giving Family Heirlooms a New LifeBliss Lau’s brand is a highly personal experience.
  30. tastemakers
    The Curator Who Hunts Down Vintage Clothes for Movies and TVHelen Uffner’s most recent project was The United States vs. Billie Holiday.
  31. tastemakers
    The Designer Who Can’t Stop CollaboratingHeron Preston just teamed up with Calvin Klein.
  32. tastemakers
    The Rising Publicist Helping to Shape Fashion PRFiona Luo was Gia Kuan Consulting’s first employee.
  33. tastemakers
    The Designer Who Says He Was ‘Born in a Shoe Box’Alexandre Birman has footwear in his DNA.
  34. tastemakers
    The International DJ Who Wears Whatever She WantsSita Abellán doesn’t limit herself.
  35. tastemakers
    The Designer Making Staples for Chic New York WomenNili Lotan on her favorite things.
  36. tastemakers
    The Russian Designers Who Built a Brand From the Ground-UpNino Shamatava and Alisa Ushakova are bringing their clothes to America for the first time.
  37. tastemakers
    The Fashion Editor Making Luxurious CardigansCarlotta Oddi loves the finer things.
  38. tastemakers
    The Artist Who Ties Hundreds of KnotsTo Windy Chien, knots are a universal language.
  39. tastemakers
    The Fashion Expert Making Italian Luxury More AffordableAlex English wants to help you shop like you live in Milan.
  40. tastemakers
    The Denim CEO Making Cute and Sustainable JeansSarah Ahmed wants to offer an alternative to fast fashion.
  41. tastemakers
    The Shoe Designer Who Loves a Chunky HeelChelsea Paris’s Theresa Ebagua makes bold shoes inspired by her Nigerian heritage.
  42. tastemakers
    The New York Designer Dressing Jill BidenMarkarian’s Alexandra O’Neill is off to a bright year.
  43. tastemakers
    The Fashion Insider Who Wants Clothes to Bring JoyMarina Larroudé used her 20 years of experience to start a new brand.
  44. tastemakers
    The Graphic Designer Making Merch With MeaningJanell Langford creates what she wants to see more of in the world.
  45. tastemakers
    The Turkish Designer Making ‘Bags With Soul’Güneş Mutlu brings Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to the world.
  46. tastemakers
    The Shoe Designer Making ‘Nude’ InclusiveSalone Monet knows that one color does not, in fact, fit all.
  47. tastemakers
    The Parisian Designer Whose Brand Means ‘Friend’Alexandre Mattiussi has chic in his DNA.
  48. tastemakers
    The Artist Making Lazy Look GlamorousSarah Bahbah wants us to relax without shame, guilt, or judgment.
  49. tastemakers
    The Designer Who Loves ’70s New York CityMaria Turgeon is all about confidence, sexiness, and playful decadence.
  50. tastemakers
    The Hungarian Designer Inspired by a DancerEszter Áron draws from inspirational women.
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