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  1. slideshow
    Who Would Agree to Get a Mystery Tattoo?Talking to 16 people who trusted their forearms to Scott Campbell.
  2. James Franco Caught Necking Emma WatsonToday in tattoos.
  3. types of catcalls
    Tatcalling: Your New Form of Street Harassment “Can I see your tattoo?” is the new “Hey Sugartits!”
  4. mother knows best
    Tattooed Mom Allowed to Nurse Baby After AllTurns out the judge who banned a recently tattooed woman from breast-feeding her baby based his decision on “feelings” and some Google searches.
  5. whoppers
    Hilary Duff Got a Brooklyn and/or Burger King Tattoo“This is my little Brooklyn, my little BK tattoo.” 
  6. dad tatts
    Ryan Gosling Joins Kanye, Gets Dad TattooDaughter references on Gosling’s knuckles and Kanye’s wrists.
  7. tattoo me!
    One Day This Cream Will Magically Erase Your Bad Tattoos Ink away!
  8. Katy Perry Got a Super Bowl Tattoo“XLIX,” or as the Romans say, “Missy Elliott 4Ever.”
  9. breaking up is hard to do
    I Wanted to Break Up. Then He Got a Tattoo of My Name.Love may be fleeting; ink is forever.
  10. justifications
    Yes, That Tattoo Will Be a Good Idea ForeverBest news Miley Cyrus has ever heard.
  11. tattoos
    What a Tattoo Looks Like Up Really, Really CloseVery cool and slightly creepy. 
  12. people-watching
    Tattoos: Making People-Watching More Interesting Since 6000 BCEFrom Pen & Ink
  13. super-hip-chill policy changes
    Companies Aren’t Being Such Dweebs About Employee TattoosStarbucks, Walmart, and PetSmart acknowledge the ink. 
  14. hot shot
    David Beckham Is a Tattooed Beyoncé-Jay DiehardInking a lyric.
  15. trust
    Miley Cyrus Gave a Tattoo to the Bravest Mortal on EarthNeedle in hand, scrunchie on hair. 
  16. well dunn with jourdan dunn
    Watch Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn Get Tattoos and Sing ‘A Whole New World’ And sing a song from Aladdin
  17. solutions
    How Should Jill Abramson Cover Up Her Times Tattoo? Five Brooklyn tattoo artists gave it a shot. 
  18. painted ladies
    See: Ink Girls at the Annual New York City Tattoo ConventionCompeting for the title of Miss Inked Up 2014.
  19. commemorative tattoos
    Cate Blanchett May Have Gotten a Post-Oscars Tattoo With Amy AdamsA blue jasmine sprig, perhaps. 
  20. face tattoos
    Zoe Saldana’s Husband Tattooed Her Face on His ArmThe couple that inks together…
  21. the hit list
    11 Noteworthy Things That Happened at Fashion WeekAn elevator incident, and ten other moments of fashion entrapment.
  22. Watch Marc Jacobs Give a Rundown of His TattoosFrom his two bull terriers, Alfred and Daisy, to “bros before hos.”
  23. Marc Jacobs on Tattoos in the Fashion IndustryPlus a closer look at his own body art collection.
  24. ink on ink
    ‘New York’ Fashion Issue Cover Preview: Lake Bell Wears a Tattoo Tattoo by her husband Scott Campbell, who also does Marc Jacobs’ ink.
  25. justin bieber’s mom
    Bieber Got a Tattoo of His Mother’s Eye“Mom’s always watching.”
  26. ex-girlfriends
    Girl With Kardashian Butt Tattoo Regrets ItRob’s ex-girlfriend: “Now that is a ratchet tattoo.”
  27. confessions
    The Friendship Tattoo That My Friends Bailed OnInking for one, the accidental way.
  28. q & a
    The Tattoo Artist All the Celebrities Want NowThey call him Bang Bang. And they get to draw their own permanent ink on his leg.
  29. get it girl
    Tramp Stamps: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?Your mother was right.
  30. Zoom Shot: Cara Delevingne’s New Finger Tattoo“Lions rule!”
  31. parenting
    Obama’s Brilliant Method for Stopping His Daughters From Getting TattoosThis is parental jujitsu.
  32. look of the day
    Kat Von D Wore a Tight, Ill-Fitting UnitardSomebody get her an American Apparel contract!
  33. What Does Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Tattoo Look Like?We have some ideas.
  34. nice things
    Tattoo Removal Specialist Helps Abuse VictimsShe removes abusive ex-boyfriends’ names for free.
  35. male gaze
    Male Gaze: David Beckham Lifted His Shirt to Show InkNo pain, no glory.
  36. first look
    First Look: Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo Vintage images of incredibly inked-up ladies.
  37. she knew he was trouble
    Taylor Swift Unamused by Harry Styles’s New TattooThat’s a stance of disapproval.
  38. birds of a feather
    Demi Lovato and Her New, Very Creative Bird TattoosPlus, fifteen other celebrities who had the exact same idea.
  39. made fashion week
    Inside Pamela Love’s Pop-up Tattoo ParlorYes, people are getting inked.
  40. please no
    Is That Rihanna’s Battered Face Tattooed on Chris Brown’s Neck?The most depressing use of our zoom function yet.
  41. quotables
    The Times Profiled Some ‘Young, Hip’ Mormons“A generation of Mormons has adopted a fashion-forward urban aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place at a Bushwick party.”
  42. dreams come shoe
    Christian Louboutin Enthusiast Beth Shak Is Getting a Shoe Tattoo on Her ‘Groin Area’Even classier, it’s for a reality show.
  43. beauty marks
    Sally Hershberger’s Senior Colorist Opens Salon; Lady Gaga’s Coke-Can Curlers Don’t Actually Curl HairAlso, Fergie named her new fragrance. Guess what she chose!
  44. beauty marks
    Angelina Jolie Tries the Gray-Hair Trend; Snooki Denies Use of BumpitsAnd a Georgia couple is in trouble for tattooing their children with a homemade tattoo gun.
  45. beauty marks
    Angelina Jolie Named Beauty Icon of the Decade; Katie Holmes Contemplating TattooAnd there is one crazy plastic-surgery deal that involves a boob job and a Lady Gaga concert.
  46. beauty marks
    Beckhams Debut New Fragrance Ad; Cashing In Frequent-Flier Miles for Breast ImplantsAlso, should men wear ponytails?
  47. beauty marks
    Naomi Campbell Sued Over Fragrances; James Franco Spoofs His Gucci CommercialAlso, Lady Gaga is getting another tattoo.
  48. beauty marks
    Lady Gaga’s New Tattoo; Angelina’s Winning Minimalist LookAnd check out a preview of M.A.C.’s Dsquared2 makeup collection.
  49. beauty marks
    Twihards Get Ultimate Fan Tattoos, Avon Slashing JobsAnd Rosebud Salve has a new flavor!
  50. beauty marks
    Bar Refaeli Lands Garnier Campaign; Demi Moore Wants Her Own FragranceAnd Agyness Deyn has nail polish named after her — it’s gray.
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