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  1. inked
    An Exhaustive Taxonomy of Adam Levine’s TattoosIn honor of his Super Bowl performance.
  2. 17 Celebrity Children Who Dominate Our World NowA taxonomy of the lucky ones.
  3. ex men
    Breaking Bad: 10 Ways Men Deal With BreakupsIs he the Waffler, the Dodge, or the Mope?
  4. love and war
    How Rude Are Female –Bag and –Piece Insults? A Taxonomy and ExplorationSlutbag, shitbag, slampiece, dime piece.
  5. taxonomy
    The 7 Types of Hashtag AbusersUsing it out loud, using it as a crutch, and five other ways we should stop using them.
  6. mating behavior
    The 10 Ways That Men Text WomenA taxonomy of textual communication, some of which you probably recognize.
  7. taxonomy
    Are You a Healthy Diva or an Unhealthy Diva?Lean in and sparkle.
  8. taxonomy
    How Old Is Too Old for ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Girlfriend’?Plus, a bunch of alternatives.