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Taye Diggs

  1. party pics
    Dakota Johnson and Liv Tyler Partied TogetherPlus: Kendall Jenner, Jenna Lyons, Owen Wilson, and more in this week’s roundup.
  2. Party Pics: Kiernan Shipka, Joan Smalls, and MoreHighlights from the awards season circuit, Sundance, and haute couture.
  3. man crushes
    40 Men That Men Find BeautifulNot who you’d expect.
  4. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Taye Diggs’s Dazzling SmileThere’s something about those pearly whites.
  5. beauty marks
    M.A.C Confirms Hello Kitty Collaboration; Chace Crawford Likes the Smell of GrassPlus, Rihanna explains her new tattoo, and L’Oréal announces a store-in-store for the new Times Square Walgreens.