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Taylor Jacobson

  1. loose threads
    Kate Upton Played Football in Her Louboutins; Ray-Ban Ad Features Gay CouplePlus, Kristen Stewart covers British Elle.
  2. comebacks
    Taylor Jacobson’s New Reality Show to Film During Fashion WeekIt’ll air sometime this year.
  3. loose threads
    KMid Signs for Charity Run; SatC Prequel OrderedAnd Angela Lindvall features in an editorial from the new issue of Marie Claire.
  4. fashion week preview
    Exclusive Video: Taylor Jacobson Shops for Fashion WeekRachel Zoe’s ex-BFF takes us shopping in Hollywood.
  5. the twilight zoe
    The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: The Golden Globes ReturnethAnd Rachel, yet again, survives.
  6. taylor jacobson
    Taylor Jacobson Says She Doesn’t Fit Into Sample Sizes, AnywayDon’t let Rachel Zoe taint your self-image, girl.
  7. the twilight zoe
    The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: A Movie Star Feeding a Giraffe Is a Great Distraction From a Traitor Ex-AssistantRachel’s crisis sprints out of the gate at the start of the new season.
  8. quotables
    Brad Goreski Sexes Up His ‘Geek-Chic’ LookHe also admits that he hasn’t spoken to Taylor Jacobson since she left her job as Rachel Zoe’s assistant.
  9. q&a
    Taylor Jacobson on Life Post–Rachel Zoe, Doing a Spinoff, and Career AdviceEight months after leaving Zoe, she’s styling celebrities, magazine shoots, and Nickelodeon promos.
  10. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe Doesn’t Care What Taylor Jacobson Is DoingAs long as it doesn’t involve attacking Brad Goreski.
  11. loose threads
    Saks Plans Store Closures; Uniqlo’s Next Designer CollaborationAlso, check out Taylor Jacobson’s capsule denim collection.
  12. loose threads
    Taylor Jacobson Lands Consulting Work; Louis Vuitton’s Impressive Facebook StatusAlso, Bulgari lost $65.4 million last year.
  13. meow
    Taylor Jacobson Fired From Rachel Zoe Inc. Over Missing Clothes?But wasn’t it Brad’s job to keep track of them?
  14. anticlimaxes
    Taylor Jacobson Has a New JobShe’s endorsing makeup.
  15. the twilight zoe
    Ashley Avignone Is the New Taylor Jacobson at Rachel ZoeThe new stylist tweeted her status this week. How else would she break the news!?
  16. free birds
    Taylor Jacobson Is Now Policing Twilight Fashion on E!She divorced Rachel Zoe and she’s not looking back.
  17. free birds
    Taylor Jacobson Embracing Newfound FreedomShe is exploring all new kinds of career things.
  18. the twilight zoe
    Did Rachel Zoe Fire Taylor Jacobson?That’s what the tabloids say!
  19. oh no she didn’t
    Taylor Jacobson Is Leaving Rachel Zoe!Oh no!
  20. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe May Finally Have Found a Way to Manage StressSee our recap of the season finale of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project.’
  21. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe Has Vertigo and Poor Office-Management SkillsRelive the drama of last night’s ‘Rachel Zoe Project’ in our recap.
  22. the twilight zoe
    Nausea Brings Team Zoe Together AgainOur recap of last night’s episode of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ lies within.
  23. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe May Be Thin, But ‘Pin-Thin’ Will Not StandWhat we learned about fashion and life in this week’s episode.
  24. the twilight zoe
    The Oscars Spell the End of the World for the House of ZoeOur recap of last night’s episode is within.
  25. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe and Taylor Stress at New York Fashion Week, While Brad Enjoys the Pom-Pom HatsOur recap of last night’s ‘Rachel Zoe Project’ is within.
  26. the twilight zoe
    The Rachel Zoe Project Goes Postal in Season TwoThe show seems more about about mail-related freak-outs than anything.
  27. put a ring on it
    Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault Have Fabulous, Perfect-Sounding Second WeddingSalma wore Balenciaga. Also, Anna Wintour was there!