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  1. true love?
    Taylor Swift Thinks Travis Kelce Is ‘Metal As Hell’And other revelations from her first magazine interview in years.
  2. true love?
    Everything There Is to Know About Taylor Swift and Travis KelceFrom “seemingly ranch” to Argentina.
  3. celebrity
    Beef Alert? Tree Paine Hits Back at DeuxMoiAfter the gossip account said Taylor Swift secretly married ex Joe Alwyn.
  4. renaissance
    All the Celebrities at Beyoncé’s Renaissance London PremiereSee Taylor Swift, Michelle Williams, Blake Lively, and more on the black carpet.
  5. mysteries
    Where on Earth Is Taylor Swift Spending Thanksgiving?The No.1 question on everyone’s mind mind this Turkey Day.
  6. celebrity
    Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets Are a Window Into the Himbo PsycheThe tight end has managed to (mostly) charm everyone again.
  7. ahoy
    All Aboard the Taylor Swift CruiseAll the fun of the Eras Tour, now with seasickness.
  8. the squad
    Gigi Hadid Makes Clear Where She Stands on Taylor and TravisThe singer’s squad is “all over the moon” about the new relationship.
  9. celebrity dating
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Gave Us a Little KissIn Argentina, no less.
  10. invite only
    Did Bradley Cooper Crash Girls’ Night?One member of Taylor Swift’s entourage is not like the others.
  11. sports!
    A Guide to the Famous NFL Girlfriends Not Named TaylorFor all you new football newbies watching from the sidelines.
  12. scene report
    31 Days of Taylor Swift–Travis Kelce Mania in Kansas CityMy hometown is enjoying its time at the center of the universe.
  13. fandom
    Movie Theaters Are in Their Eras EraFans are treating the viewing experience like something between a music festival and a cult meeting.
  14. culture
    This Is Too Much Star Power for One Red CarpetBeyoncé and Taylor Swift posed for pics and shared popcorn at the Eras Tour movie premiere.
  15. rules to live by
    Donna Kelce Doesn’t Give Dating Advice“When it comes to love life, let me tell you right now, they’re not coming to me.”
  16. celebrity
    Even Travis Kelce Thinks This Is a Bit MuchHe says the NFL is “overdoing it a little bit for sure” when it comes to Taylor Swift.
  17. sports!
    Taylor Swift Takes a Sudden Interest in FootballWho doesn’t love a tight end?
  18. capitalism
    Traylor Is Already Too MuchWe’re drowning in ketchup and seemingly ranch.
  19. members only
    Just Who Is Getting ‘Purged’ From Casa Cipriani?The private club has been accused of abruptly dumping members it deems not elite enough.
  20. oh?
    Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift Went Out for Spaghetti … TwiceWhat do you think they talked about?
  21. vmas 2023
    Nobody Had a Better Time at the VMAs Than Taylor SwiftHer heavily memed reactions were among the highlights of the night.
  22. celebrity weddings
    Jack Antonoff Made All the Celebs Go to JerseyFor his wedding to Margaret Qualley.
  23. bad blood
    Even Karlie Kloss Can’t Get Good Eras TicketsThe former core squad member was spotted in the nosebleeds at Taylor Swift’s show.
  24. celebrity friendships
    Who’s in the Swift Squad Now?Taylor Swift is hanging out like it’s 2015.
  25. breakups
    Matty Healy Status Report: Still Healy-ingPost–Taylor Swift split, the 1975 front man is back to his old tricks.
  26. celebrity
    Taylor Swift and Matty Healy May Be Over AlreadyCue the collective sigh of relief.
  27. celebrity
    What Exactly Is Matty Healy’s Deal?Attempting to understand Taylor Swift’s rumored rebound.
  28. controversy
    Untangling the Drama Around the Taylor Swift–Ice Spice RemixSwift’s rumored relationship with Matty Healy has fans raising their eyebrows at this collab.
  29. hot shot
    Checking In on Joe AlwynTaylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend seems to be doing just fine.
  30. just a little kiss?
    Does Keith Urban Know What He’s Done?Looks like he soft-launched a certain low-key couple at a Taylor Swift concert.
  31. help
    Can You Tell These Two Men in the News Apart?My brain is convinced Millie Bobby Brown got engaged to Joe Alwyn.
  32. eras tour
    Taylor Swift Arrives at Her Shows in … a Janitor Cart?The tremendously creative artist has found a new way to go incognito.
  33. music (taylor’s version)
    Taylor Swift Has 4 Newish Songs For YouA consolation prize for those of us who couldn’t get ‘Eras’ tour tickets.
  34. culture
    Who Knew All These Senators Were Swifties?Ticketmaster Senate hearing (Taylor’s version).
  35. chaos
    Swifties Are Getting a Second Chance At Eras Tour TicketsBut not all Taylor Swift fans are eligible.
  36. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About Sexy BabiesDeciphering that particularly bizarre Taylor Swift lyric.
  37. culture
    Taylor Swift, Fatphobia, and MeSwift should know better than to use “fat” as a bad word.
  38. happy birthday?
    Did Taylor Swift Curse Kim Kardashian’s Birthday?Whether or not it was intentional, she seems to have succeeded.
  39. mysteries
    The Most Cryptic Taylor Swift Lyrics on MidnightsJust who is she calling a sexy baby?
  40. culture (taylor’s version)
    Who Are All These People on Midnights Who Aren’t Taylor Swift?Her new album arrives with a suite of celebrity cameos.
  41. culture (taylor’s version)
    Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s MidnightsHer new album comes out October 21.
  42. celebrity
    Blake Lively Is Pregnant (Again)She announced her fourth child with Ryan Reynolds by appearing with a baby bump at a Forbes summit.
  43. vmas 2022
    Taylor Swift Has Saved the VMAsAnd she dropped the news of her new album!
  44. hot shot
    When You Know You’re a Climate CriminalRare footage of Taylor Swift leaving her private jet.
  45. taylor swift
    Climate Change (Taylor’s Version)Taylor Swift would like to be excluded from the private jet narrative.
  46. 5 questions with…
    Dylan O’Brien Confirms Blonds Do Have More FunThe internet’s boyfriend opens up about going viral.
  47. graduation (taylor’s version)
    Who Said It: Taylor Swift or a Fortune Cookie?“Learn to live alongside cringe” and other wise advice from her NYU commencement speech.
  48. met gala 2022
    Who’s Going to the 2022 Met Gala?Taylor Swift? New York’s self-proclaimed nightlife mayor? Rihanna … ?!
  49. mysteries
    What Is Taylor Swift Doing on Drake’s Instagram?A riddle in the form of a photo dump.
  50. closure
    Sounds Like Jake Gyllenhaal Is at Peace With ‘All Too Well’“Artists tap into personal experiences for inspiration, and I don’t begrudge anyone that,” he said in a new interview.
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