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  1. wellness theories
    When Tahmina Ghaffer Is Overwhelmed, She Dives Into a CookbookMoonflowers founder Tahmina Ghaffer shares how she navigates heavy news cycles.
  2. how i got this business
    How Lisa Li Brought Shangri-La to New York CityWith her whole-flower tea business and wellness brand, The Qi.
  3. tea party
    Did Sarah Palin Post an Ad for Detox Tea on Instagram?She missed the hashtag memo.
  4. pinkies up
    Microwaving Your Tea Unleashes Additional Health BenefitsPinkies up.
  5. swellness
    How Curvy Teen Model Barbie Ferreira Sleeps and Practices WellnessSleeping with Barbie Ferreira.
  6. tea partiers
    Kendall Jenner Drinks 12 Cups of Detox Tea a DaySounds like work. 
  7. this is random
    Time for a Tea Party With Miranda Kerr! She’ll bring the dishes.
  8. celebrity tea
    Oprah Will Make You a Cozy, Comforting Cup of Tea NowAn Oprah chai. 
  9. tea beauty
    Chic Skin Care That Comes With Tea You DrinkIt’s called Miyu.