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Tears Of Fashion

  1. tears of fashion
    Do Women Take So Long in Dressing Rooms Because They’re Actually CRYING in There?Please tell us it isn’t so.
  2. tears of fashion
    Karl Lagerfeld’s Couture Embroiderers Were So Overwhelmed by the Beautiful Clothes That They Cried at the Spring 2011 ShowKarl: “It’s touching, no?”
  3. tears of fashion
    The Crying Model’s Booker Explains, Once and for All“She has delicate eyes. We were laughing with the casting director after the show.”
  4. tears of fashion
    Crying Model Explains the TearsApparently, the runway lights were too strong for her sensitive eyes. Aw.
  5. tears of fashion
    Model Walks Jil Sander in TearsAt least she didn’t fall down!
  6. tears of fashion
    Just Cavalli Could Be on Its Last LegThe fall 2009 line might not be produced, and this makes Roberto (and us!) very sad.
  7. tears of fashion
    Kira Plastinina Ended in TearsEmployees say they were caught off guard.
  8. tears of fashion
    Michael Phelps, Please Stop Damaging Your Custom Armani SuitThe behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot with our beloved manfish has us doubled over cringing.
  9. tears of fashion
    Anna Wintour’s Tears of Fashion?Anna reportedly “choked up” during the meeting about ‘Men’s Vogue’ cutbacks.
  10. tears of fashion
    On the Matter of a Tearful Rachel ZoeChin up, Rach! You’ve got a reality show!