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  1. freedom
    Will This New App Finally Free Us From the Misery of Group Texts?A small reprieve is in the near future.
  2. tech
    Why Does Siri Have a Female Voice?And the rest of our digital personal assistants, too, for that matter. 
  3. ayo technology
    See Clothes That Transform With a Camera’s FlashInside the studio of designer Kunihiko Morinaga, who brought high tech to Paris Fashion Week.
  4. tech
    How to Protect Yourself From Peeple, the ‘Yelp for People’ AppA deep naïveté about the realities of the online world seems to be at work here.
  5. twitter
    People Tweet More Egocentrically From Their PhonesA new study tracks some interesting differences between web and mobile tweeting.
  6. fashion and tech
    Teen Girl Coders Helped Design a Zac Posen DressAnd it was cute enough for the runway.
  7. tech
    A Dark Look at the Internet-Outrage Economy“Were you discussing optimum means of harvesting and selling of baby parts while drinking your wine?”
  8. Pinterest Commits to Actual Diversity Goals A necessary step toward addressing Silicon Valley’s white-man problem.
  9. rumors
    BuzzFeed Helped Spread Sandra Bland RumorsIt’s not a good idea to broadcast questionable theories to 2 million people without putting them in context.
  10. cell phones
    Berkeley’s Cell-Phone Warning Highlights the Limits of the ‘Right to Know’“It’s hard to say people have the right to information that is false.”
  11. work
    What Will Happen When All the Jobs Are Gone?There’s a good version and a bad version of the post-job future we may be facing.
  12. tech
    Can Cell-Phone Data Predict Unemployment?You could be broadcasting a lot more information about your life than you realize.
  13. tech
    See Images From Figure 1, the ‘Instagram for Doctors’A photo-sharing network that features body parts instead of avocado toast.
  14. food porn
    Soon There Could Be a Calorie-Counter for InstagramGoogle filed a patent for a calorie-counting artificial-intelligence project that analyzes your food photos.
  15. instagram
    Science Has Determined Which Photo Filters Are the BestBig data at its finest.
  16. learning
    The Downside of Allowing Cell Phones in SchoolsAllowing cell phones in classrooms could lead to a big dip in academic performance, particularly for students who already struggle.
  17. jokes
    Silicon Valley Fashion Week: Not Chic or Geek But we fell for the gimmick anyway.
  18. tech
    Do High-Tech Promises Turn Us Into Rubes?Our brains go a little bit crazy when someone presents us with exciting new technology.
  19. facebook
    The Problems With Facebook’s Polarization StudyResearch that fails to pop the filter bubble.
  20. desperately seeking
    Lonely Apple Watch Users Search for Fellow HeartbeatsOf course there’s a subreddit for this.
  21. apple watch
    The Apple Watch Is Great for Starting Conversations About the Apple WatchI spent 72 self-absorbed hours with the Apple Watch, and I loved it (and me).
  22. parenting
    Are Cell-Phone-Distracted Parents Really Endangering Kids at the Playground?Is checking your cell phone while watching your kid at the playground almost sort of basically the same as dipping them in acid?
  23. Is It Socially Acceptable to Make My MyIdol Super-Hot? Will people notice if your MyIdol is more attractive than IRL you?
  24. apple watch
    How Will the Apple Watch Change Good Manners?It depends on whether Apple can reprogram the meaning of a rude gesture.
  25. tech
    Come Watch Periscope’s First StarAmanda Oleander has captured millions of hearts, even if few know what Periscope is yet.
  26. nutrition
    Why People Ditch Food-Journal AppsStigma and a lack of clear calorie data are both big culprits.
  27. asmr
    Science Finally Starts to Explain ‘Whisper Porn’If you can’t stop watching videos of people folding towels or brushing their hair, this might be why.
  28. happiness
    Here’s an Explanation for the Connection Between Facebook and UnhappinessAnd yes, it does have to do with your friend’s awesome vacation photos.
  29. tech
    The Case for Dangerous Roads and Low-Tech Cars“Involve your ass, your mind will follow.”
  30. dress codes
    Could This Be the End of the Booth Babe?Sorry, nerds.
  31. atypical
    What It’s Like to Be Allergic to Wi-FiA conversation with a woman who says she is suffering from a disorder that many scientists believe doesn’t exist.
  32. q&a
    Jon Ronson on Monica Lewinsky and CybershamingThe So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed author sees Lewinsky as a “kindred spirit.”
  33. facebook
    Facebook’s New Suicide-Prevention Features Are a Good StartAn attempt to use internet mobs for good rather than evil.
  34. reddit
    An Interactive Chart of Reddit’s ToxicityYou’ll never guess where the men’s rights subreddit sits.
  35. legal system
    What’s Happened So Far in Silicon Valley’s Big Sex-Discrimination SuitEllen Pao says that the venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins holds women back.
  36. shiny
    Get Ready for the Gold Macbook Frenzy Whether we like it or not. 
  37. vaccines
    Can Twitter Help Explain Anti-Vaxxers?A new research effort hopes so.
  38. health
    Please Don’t Use Shady Blood-Pressure Phone AppsEven really, really popular ones.
  39. anti-vaccination
    On Vaccines, Some People Trust Random Internet Comments More Than the CDCBad news for the fight against anti-vaccine hysteria.
  40. political psychology
    Does the Ryan Gosling Meme Really Make Men More Feminist?Hey, girl. Let’s do some science.
  41. twitter
    Can Angry Tweets Predict Heart-Disease Rates?The sentiments expressed in tweets may be a more powerful predictor than all sorts of other “traditional” data.
  42. facebook
    If You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, People Will Like You LessAnd a bunch of other findings about Facebook, all pulled together in one place.
  43. tech
    Social Media Reduces Stress for Women, But Not MenLadies seem to be better at putting Facebook and Twitter to their most psychologically healthy uses.
  44. facebook
    Facebook ‘Likes’ Can Predict Users’ Personalities. Should We Be Worried?Sussing personality out from an endless ocean of “likes.”
  45. tech
    What Do People’s Online Avatars Say About Them?To a certain extent, we’re squandering the opportunities presented by the online world.
  46. social psychology
    Men Who Post Selfies Are More NarcissisticSome scientific evidence for that feeling you get every time you look at your news feed.
  47. neuroscience
    Texting Is Supercharging the Part of Our Brain Connected to Our Thumbs Thumbs up to the sensiromotor cortex.
  48. sleep
    Don’t Use E-readers Before BedIt could mess up your sleep cycle.
  49. tech
    People Are Retreating to Private Chats Because the Open Internet Can Be TerribleIn search of a kinder, quieter Internet.
  50. aging
    You Should Teach Your Grandma About FacebookOlder people seem to derive a lot of benefits from online social media.
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