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  1. technology
    A Wellness Blogger From the 1400s Weighs InGuten tag.
  2. the cut opinion pages
    Apps Can Take a HikeIt’s been long enough — they’re just not working out.
  3. advice
    Take Your Time Responding to EmailRelieve some pressure, and give everyone a little space.
  4. science of us
    I Cherish My Period TrackerThe apps may not all be perfect, but I love this one.
  5. metoo
    Google Paying Off a Sexual Assaulter Isn’t Surprising, That’s How Things WorkGoogle has paid Andy Rubin nearly $90 million dollars since he resigned in 2014 after he coerced a female coworker into performing oral sex.
  6. lost in space
    Want to Dry Your Hair With NASA Technology?Houston, we have a hair-dryer.
  7. blue light special
    An Eye Cream for People Who Look at Screens All DaySo, everyone.
  8. telephone usage
    I Can’t Stop Watching Trump’s Tragic Struggle to Figure Out Speakerphone“Enrique?”
  9. robot money
    You Can Buy Hair Spray With Bitcoin NowThe way of the future.
  10. good ideas
    There Should Be No Internet for One Weekend Per MonthA good idea.
  11. relationships
    What I Learned on My Date With a Sex RobotMaybe they need to be more like us. Or maybe we’re already learning to be more like them.
  12. pinterest this
    Flying Wedding Veils Are Exactly What They Sound LikeThe latest in matrimony trends.
  13. technology
    Rudy Giuliani Tries to Use Apple AirPods, FailsThat’s … one way to wear them.
  14. sexual assault
    TripAdvisor Is Reportedly Being Investigated for Censoring Rape ClaimsUsers say their reviews of dangerous establishments, meant to warn other potential guests, were deleted without explanation.
  15. always shopping
    A Smartwatch With Actual StyleIt won’t look dated when the next model drops.
  16. technology
    Over 2,000 People Watched a Livestream of Mark Ruffalo’s PocketDaaaaaad.
  17. internet culture
    Mourning the Death of AIM With Memories of Our Most Embarrassing Screen NamesPour one out for AOL Instant Messenger.
  18. A Colorado Dad Wants to Make It Illegal to Sell Smartphones to PreteensThe initiative would make Colorado the first state to regulate smartphone sales to kids.
  19. good vibrations
    As a Single Woman, I’m Willing to Consider These Vibrating Yoga PantsPerfect for self-care multitasking.
  20. When Your Best Friend Is Younger Than Your DaughterWhy cross-generational friendships among women are on the rise.
  21. How Ingrained Is Sexism in Silicon Valley? Ask the Women Trying to Get FundingWomen entrepreneurs describe being degraded and humiliated when trying to get their companies off the ground.
  22. disruption
    This Amazon Device Is About to Make Getting Dressed Super CreepyWhat could possibly go wrong?
  23. generations
    Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old MillennialGiven the epochal events that changed the young adulthoods of older and younger millennials, it’s time to split the generation in half.
  24. Kids Are Better Friends When They Spend Time Away From ScreensTaking an extended phone break is enough to make them more empathetic.
  25. Of Course Some Lonely People Spend Lots of Time on Social MediaMaybe it’s time to stop being surprised by the idea that a lot of heavy social-media users report that they feel lonely.
  26. Kristen Stewart Does Not Speak Emoji“With text and social media … it’s a new language.”
  27. video
    Tavi Gevinson Leads a Lesson on Art in the Digital AgeShe hosts a new episode in Tiffany’s new video series.
  28. Here’s the Best Way to Ask Someone for a FavorWarning: It’s a little awkward.
  29. A Paralyzed Woman Can Now Use Her Thoughts to CommunicateIt’s the first time a patient has been able to use a mind-controlled brain implant like this at home.
  30. identity
    Mirrors Turned People Into IndividualistsWhat your reflection does to you.
  31. tech and design 2016
    12 Futuristic Products That Might Change Your LifeWe asked design professionals to pick one new item that might be revolutionary.
  32. Even a Century Ago, People Were Worried About Technology Ruining RelationshipsAn old cartoon echoes some very modern anxieties.
  33. willpower
    Turning Off Your Phone Is an Underrated Behavioral InterventionIt sounds obvious, but when’s the last time you actually did it?
  34. technology
    How Cat People Differ From Dog People on FacebookIt’s complicated.
  35. awareness
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate-Change Acceptance Speech Had a Big Online ImpactBut how much of it will translate to action?
  36. taylor swift's recurring nightmares
    Taylor Swift Was a Paranoid Technophobe Even Before Kanye Recorded HerShe basically predicted this whole thing.
  37. technology
    How Pokémon Go Might Actually Be Helping Kids With AutismIt isn’t some crazy, unsupported theory.
  38. swellness
    Fully Automated All-Quinoa Restaurant Coming to MidtownSan Francisco–based Eatsa is the chain of the future.
  39. Just As You May Have Suspected, FOMO Is Pretty Much Social Media’s FaultAnd it affects young men more than any other demographic.
  40. testing
    Eighth-Grade Girls Have No Idea They’re Supposed to Be Bad at STEMSo why are there so few women in STEM fields?
  41. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Finally, a Solution for Wrinkles That WorksBut it might be kind of creepy?
  42. Has Social Media Changed How We Use Sarcasm?Wait, people are sarcastic on the internet? Shocking.
  43. These Are the People Most Likely to Feel Phantom Cell-Phone BuzzingIt’s an example of the brain making patterns out of randomness.
  44. I Wore a Suit Designed to Make Me Feel Like an Old PersonAging isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  45. getting it
    First the Breakup. Then the Screenshots.Digital artifacts feel less serious yet more scandalous than physical objects.
  46. getting it
    Stop Flirting by CommitteeWhat gets lost when we workshop every text.
  47. technology
    Your Driverless Car Could Be Programmed to Kill YouAdventures in the ethics of autonomous vehicles.
  48. met gala 2016
    Taylor Swift and Apple Are Behind the 2016 Met GalaThe theme is technology.
  49. iconography
    New Emoji Goes Way Beyond EggplantA lot of D options.
  50. teens
    Ice-Cold Teens Don’t Hesitate to Block Their Exes“I’m just like this is irrelevant now.”
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