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Teens These Days!

  1. cool teens
    Marcia Gay Harden’s Son Does Her Makeup in a Very Cute YouTube Tutorial“You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model. Did you stone those tights?”
  2. teens these days!
    This After-Prom Party in Brooklyn Last Weekend Was LitHow a New York teen in a riot-grrrl band does prom.
  3. teens these days
    Angry Teen Walks 6 Miles Across Frozen Lake After Fight With Parents“I wouldn’t say walking six miles across ice is a normal teenage response.”
  4. teens these days
    How Nearly 1,000 Teens Caused Chaos at a Mall in New Jersey After ChristmasThey kicked doors and went up the escalator the wrong way.
  5. teens these days!
    New Study Finds 69 Percent of Teen Girls in Britain Identify As FeministsNice.
  6. our selfies ourselves
    How a 10-Year-Old Vlogger Went From YouTube to the Cannes Red CarpetHow Instagram and YouTube are spawning the new child star.
  7. teens these days
    Canadian Nonprofit Asks Teens to Send Pictures of Mole Rats Instead of NudesIt’s part of a campaign to fight “sextortion.”
  8. teens these days
    This Teen Boy Jumped Into a Zebra Exhibit to Get a Girl’s Phone NumberAll to get a girl’s phone number.
  9. talking to
    Teens Explain What Adults Don’t Get About 13 Reasons Why“Parents don’t realize what we go through, how horrible teenagers are.”
  10. teens these days
    Teens Want to Go to College in Canada Now That Trump Is Going to Be PresidentTeens are fleeing the country.
  11. teens these days
    Teens Are Having Illegal Sleepovers in IkeasUgh, can Ikea just let teens live?
  12. Teen Girls Who Are Close to Their Moms May Wait to Have Sex, a New Study FoundA Dutch study examined parental relationships and teen sex.
  13. teens these days
    Eric Trump Was Heckled by Teens in New YorkTeens will save us all.
  14. mental health
    Study Shows Why Teenage Girls Are More Likely to Develop PTSDTeenage boys and girls could benefit from different approaches in treatment.
  15. teens these days
    Kylie Jenner Just Wants to Go to Six Flags Like a Normal TeenShe’s been famous all her life.
  16. teens these days
    19-Year-Old Chloë Grace Moretz Thinks Drinking Is OverPut down your glass of wine immediately.
  17. teens these days
    The Brooklyn Beckham Instagram Academy Is Open for BusinessYou, too, can have 4.2 million followers. Having famous parents is a plus.