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  1. stoneman shooting
    GOP Candidate Says He’s Sorry for Calling Parkland Student a ‘Skinhead Lesbian’He also said the Parkland student doesn’t count as a “survivor.”
  2. stoneman shooting
    Change Never Happens Until Young People Like Emma González Demand ItHistory’s most important civil rights movements have been shaped by students; #NeverAgain is no different.
  3. interview
    How a Trans Teen Got Her QuinceañeraTalking to Zoey Luna of the new HBO documentary series 15: A Quinceañera Story.
  4. video
    This Quinceañera Documentary Is the Perfect Holiday ViewingWatch an exclusive clip.
  5. sneakers
    Sneaker Con 2017: Blood, Sweat, and CloutWhere teenage boys make money move.
  6. everyday racism
    White Student Arrested After Bragging She Spit in Black Roommate’s Coconut OilJazzy Rowe says her University of Hartford roommate went to sickening lengths to get her to move out.
  7. hurricane maria
    Teen Radio Club Helps People Get Messages to Their Loved Ones in Puerto Rico“There is not a better feeling than being able to make someone smile or make sure that they feel safe.”
  8. This Principal Told Teens Not to Wear Leggings Unless They’re a ‘Size 0 or 2’“Unless you are a size 0 or 2 and you wear something like that, you look fat.”
  9. Teen YouTuber Charged With Killing Boyfriend in Gun Stunt Gone WrongPedro Ruiz reportedly thought a harcover book would be enough to stop a bullet from hitting him.
  10. teens
    Teens Survive 3 Days of Being Lost in an Actual Maze of BonesThe teens were rescued from the Paris Catacombs on Wednesday morning.
  11. sex ed
    Silicon Valley Parents Think the School’s Sex-Ed Program Is Too ExplicitThey reportedly think the curriculum is too explicit.
  12. our selfies ourselves
    How a 10-Year-Old Vlogger Went From YouTube to the Cannes Red CarpetHow Instagram and YouTube are spawning the new child star.
  13. teens these days
    Canadian Nonprofit Asks Teens to Send Pictures of Mole Rats Instead of NudesIt’s part of a campaign to fight “sextortion.”
  14. teens
    Norwegian Graduation Sounds Absolutely InsaneWe need a reality show about Norwegian teens.
  15. sexting
    Massachusetts Is Trying to Inject Some Sanity Into the Teen-Sexting PanicGovernor Charlie Baker doesn’t want minors getting charged with child pornography — something that happens with disturbing frequency.
  16. Teens Really Hate It When Adults Try to Solve Their ProblemsIf you want to relate, it might be better to admit that you’re a little lost, too.
  17. popular
    A Micro-History of Popular-Crowd Brands Over the YearsFrom Benetton to Brandy Melville, what the cool clique wore, decade by decade.
  18. new faces of things
    Kaia Gerber Is a Cool Hippie Teen in Her First-Ever Fragrance CampaignMarc Jacobs cast her as the new face for his perfume, Daisy.
  19. America’s Teens Cut Class to Freeze Outside In Line for Kylie JennerA chat with the girls waiting in line for the Kylie Pop-up Shop.
  20. Some Lucky Teens Can Now Join School-Sponsored ‘Nap Clubs’“It’s like a therapeutic study hall.”
  21. Teenage Brains Have a Totally Different Way of Making DecisionsAnd they’re more okay with not having all the information first.
  22. sleep
    An Insane Number of Teens Are Literally Losing Sleep Over Social MediaLike, waking up in the middle of the night.
  23. our casual dysmorphia
    Teen Girls With Body Image Issues Are More Likely to DrinkSays a sad new study.
  24. public health
    More Evidence That Violence Is ContagiousLike smoking or obesity, it travels along social networks.
  25. There’s Another Big Window for Learning After ChildhoodYour brain keeps changing.
  26. would you look at that
    Banning Tanning Beds Would Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of DollarsHow are we still debating this?
  27. who run the world (girls)
    Tennis Star Madison Keys Wants to Change the World, One Girl at a TimeMadison Keys has a new passion off the court.
  28. teens
    Leaked Chats Expose Hateful Male Clique at Elite NYC High SchoolThe “MILK” group at Hunter College High has been outed for speaking disparagingly of female and gay students.
  29. election 2016
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Predicted Hillary Would Be President Back in 2001The twins were political prophets as teens.
  30. dads
    This Video of Obama Roasting Teens for Texting Is Too Good“Giiiirl I couldn’t believe him.”
  31. Teen Brains Are Primed for Learning From LifeTeens combine memory processes that adults keep separate, which is nuts.
  32. High School Becomes Less Stressful If You Keep Reminding Teens That It EndsKnowing that people can change is a powerful stress reliever.
  33. the kids are alright
    Teen Goes Viral After Asking Himself to HomecomingHe said yes.
  34. teens
    This Teen Texted Behind Donald Trump on Live TVWow, Donald Trump is really struggling with millennials.
  35. The Kids Are Alright
    This Girl in a T-Rex Costume Was Just Crowned Homecoming QueenWow. Inspiring.
  36. weighty issues
    Why Parents Shouldn’t Talk About Weight With Their TeensNew guidelines seek to banish weight talk.
  37. mysteries
    Did This Teen Want to Vanish in the Wild?She went missing in a Wyoming national park. When she was found, she looked completely different.
  38. horrible things
    A Teen’s Screenshots Solved This Horrifying Snapchat Rape TrialHer friend almost died in the woods.
  39. crime
    Crop-Top-Wearing Teen Felon Foiled by a PotatoCute mug shot, though.
  40. Internet-Addled Teens Are Worse at Awkward, Necessary Dating ConversationsHow else do you learn to talk to people?
  41. dangerously cheesy
    The Guy Who Went on a Violent Tirade About Mac and Cheese Got Arrested AgainThis time, he got into an altercation with a police officer.
  42. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kylie Jenner Is Going to Have One More Thing You Don’tA bricks-and-mortar Kylie Cosmetics. 
  43. prom
    Girl Recreates Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ for PromThere was a smoke machine involved.
  44. Maybe Grounding Your Teenager Isn’t the Best Way to Make a PointA new study suggests teens learn from reward, but not from punishment.
  45. teens
    Cliffanie Forrester Gets Painting in the MetAnd you thought getting 11 likes on Instagram was impressive.
  46. teens
    This 8th-Grader’s Relationship Contract Will Make You Rethink Your PrioritiesLove means never having to say you’re sorry for looking at these hoes.
  47. graduation day
    In Praise of America’s Coolest Teen, Malia ObamaShe graduates from high school today.
  48. crime
    A Teen Recorded His Girlfriend’s Rape and MurderHer alleged last words: “I don’t want to die.”
  49. teens
    Shop Jeen, the Tumblr Teen Clothing Emporium, Is ‘Temporarily’ Shut DownNow where am I supposed to buy a pizza crop top?
  50. now smell this
    Now You Can Smell Like the ’90s ForeverBath and Body Works brings back more classic scents. 
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