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  1. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About Farmer Will on Love IslandThe series’ most enigmatic cast member to date.
  2. grammys 2023
    The Highlights and Disappointments of the 2023 GrammysFrom waiting for Beyoncé to Kim Petras’s historic win.
  3. bachelor nation
    Crunching the Numbers on the New Season of The BachelorAccording to @bachelordata, keep your eye on Victoria J.
  4. cut chats
    Every Thought We Had Watching The White Lotus Season-Two FinaleSeason two: chaotic bisexuals!
  5. q&a
    Nicôle Lecky Has the Range‘Mood’ is an honest look at a complex industry and an empathetic portrait of one woman’s experience inside of it.
  6. emmys 2022
    Emmys 2022: All the Red Carpet LooksUpdating: What Hollywood is wearing to the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards.
  7. breakout
    Coco Jones on Colorism, Disney, and Playing Hilary BanksI get to represent dark skin, Black beauty.”
  8. recap
    And Just Like That … Miranda Blows Up Her Life, AgainAt least Harry doesn’t have penis cancer.
  9. recap
    An Attempt to Explain Why All These Bachelor Blondes Are FightingYou get a villain edit! And you get a villain edit!
  10. recap
    And Just Like That … We’re Still Thinking About CheEven if Charlotte doesn’t think Miranda is progressive enough for her obsessive masturbation fantasies.
  11. recap
    The Thrill of Watching a Bachelor Contestant Admit ‘I Hate Him’Welcome to the history books, Claire, spray tanner.
  12. recap
    And Just Like That … Samantha Is Back-ishIf only she knew about Carrie wetting the bed.
  13. recap
    And Just Like That … Carrie Is Smoking AgainA lesson from this week’s episode: Don’t invite Charlotte over for dinner.
  14. boss babies
    Kendall Roy’s Assistant Just Wants to Save HimSuccession star Juliana Canfield is the woman behind the trainwreck.
  15. xoxo
    New York’s Most Terrifying Rich Kids Are BackAnd from the looks of the new Gossip Girl trailer, they’re hotter than ever.
  16. emmys 2021
    The Most ‘That Man’ Moment of the NightThere’s gotta be one at every Emmys, I guess.
  17. There’s Now a Dating Show in Which People Judge Each Other’s Naked BodiesSuddenly, Tinder is looking pretty great.
  18. fake it till you make it
    Just Like Trump, I Was My Own Fake PublicistAnd I don’t regret a thing.
  19. girls talk
    It’s Okay to Be a Shoshanna In season five, Shosh suddenly became Girls’ most likable and functional character.
  20. slut-shaming
    A Fox News Anchor Called the Bachelorette a Slut on AirHere’s what actual slut-shaming looks like.