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  1. terrible things
    Female Inmates Paid Little Over $2 a Day to Fight California Wildfires200 inmate firefighters receive $2 a day plus $1 per hour spent on the line.
  2. terrible things
    Disturbing Video Shows Rapper Lil Pump Bragging About Beating a Girl“I f*ckin’ hit that bitch like an eight-piece, bro.”
  3. terrible things
    Carolina Herrera Shares Heartfelt Message About Late NephewReinaldo Jose Herrera was killed in Venezuela.
  4. rape culture
    Baylor Graduate Sues College Over Alleged 2013 Gang RapeThe lawsuit also alleges a shocking number of rapes between 2011 and 2014.
  5. terrible things
    Over Half of Women Say They Get Harassed Regularly While Out for a RunA new survey by Runner’s World highlights what women runners have to deal with on a regular basis.
  6. terrible things
    Artist Who Painted Nude Trump Portrait AssaultedMasculinity is so fragile.
  7. terrible things
    Adult Performer Amber Rayne Passes Away at 31She reportedly died in her sleep.
  8. Teen Fined for Using Pepper Spray to Fend Off Attempted RapistThe 17-year-old girl faces charges for possessing pepper spray, which is illegal in Denmark.
  9. terrible things
    Another Woman Killed for Turning a Man DownJanese Jackson Talton was shot and killed in Pittsburgh after rejecting a stranger’s advances.
  10. terrible things
    Jason Melo Arrested for Viral Abuse VideoHe’s been booked on charges of choking, child abuse, coercion, and assault.
  11. terrible things
    No Industry Safe From Male EntitlementOr harassment, or sexual assault, or gender stereotypes, or …
  12. terrible things
    James Deen Responds to Rape Allegations: ‘I Honestly Am Shocked’After nine women accused the porn star of assault, Deen finally broke his silence.
  13. terrible things
    Former Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Says James Deen Raped Her“I’m thankful that I have separated myself and gotten beyond how horrible, evil, abusive and a rapist James Deen is.”
  14. terrible things
    Stoya Voices Support for Fellow Accusers of James Deen“I believe @AshleyFires. I believe Tori Lux. I believe T.M.”
  15. terrible things
    Teen Threatens to ‘Kill All the Girls’ After They Refuse to Send Him NudesThe 15-year-old was arrested on Wednesday after making the threats.
  16. terrible things
    How One Tweet About Femicide Sparked a Movement in ArgentinaAs brutal murders rise, Argentine women call for an end to femicide.
  17. terrible things
    Bangladesh Factories Are Still Deadly Fire TrapsNine workers died and 46 were injured on Tuesday.
  18. svu episodes in the making
    A Sexy Spy Story Gone Terribly WrongLadies: Do NOT have sex with a man who says he’s a “spy recruiter.”
  19. terrible things
    Three Die in Yet Another Factory CollapseThis time at an Asics shoe factory in Cambodia.
  20. terrible things
    Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire Kills EightThe clothing industry’s death toll inches closer to 1,000.
  21. terrible things
    Missoni Plane Wreckage Possibly Found on Curaçao BeachAuthorities are investigating.
  22. terrible things
    Vittorio Missoni’s Backpack Found on Caribbean IslandIt washed ashore on Bonaire, between Los Roques and Curaçao.
  23. terrible things
    Kate Middleton’s Australian Radio Prank-Callers Finally AxedD.J.’s Michael Christian and Mel Greig are officially off the air.
  24. terrible things
    Bangladesh Factory Fire Kills Seven, Only Exit Might Have Been Locked“We all ran for the stairs, but the exit was locked.”
  25. terrible things
    Report: Bag Stowed on Missoni Plane Found in CuraçaoPlus, the kids release a new statement.
  26. terrible things
    Missoni Pilot Was Licensed to FlyAnd more cell phone weirdness.
  27. terrible things
    Missoni Pilot’s License Was ExpiredAnd the airline did “not yet have [a] regular air operator’s certificate.”
  28. missoni
    Missoni Menswear Walks in MilanDonatella Versace told reporters: “No one better than me can understand the pain and anguish that they are experiencing.”
  29. terrible things
    Missoni Plane May Have Been Located“It’s an area where the water depths reach 2,000 meters.”
  30. terrible things
    Body Found Off Coast of Venezuela Unrelated to Missoni DisappearanceAnd updates from Italy.
  31. terrible things
    GMA Has Last Look at Vittorio Missoni, PlaneThe fashion house still plans to hold its menswear show on Sunday.
  32. terrible things
    Vittorio Missoni’s Son: ‘My Father Will Come Back’Plus, a Bermuda Triangle comparison.
  33. terrible things
    Venezuela: Missoni Wasn’t KidnappedThe search continues.
  34. terrible things
    Pilot Says He Watched Missoni Plane Vanish [Updated]Plus, kidnapping theories.
  35. terrible things
    Angela Missoni: ‘Our Hope Is That’ Vittorio ‘Is Still Alive’Still no trace of the plane or the passengers.
  36. terrible things
    Kate Middleton’s Nurse Was Found Hanged, Police ConfirmShe left three notes.
  37. terrible things
    Kate Middleton’s Nurse Reportedly Left Suicide NoteHer family wants more answers.
  38. terrible things
    Australian Radio Station Donates Ad Profits From Middleton Prank CallTo nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s family.
  39. terrible things
    Video: D.J.’s Behind Middleton Prank Call Give First InterviewLots of tears.
  40. terrible things
    Kate Middleton’s Nurse Dead of Suspected Suicide [Updated]Jacintha Saldanha was the victim of a prank call made to the hospital earlier this week.
  41. terrible things
    Chanel No. 5 Could Be Banned Despite Brad Pitt’s Outstanding PerformanceQuelle horreur!
  42. terrible things
    Iraqi Teens Killed Because of Emo LookIt’s all kinds of screwed up.
  43. terrible things
    Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood Gets Life in PrisonShe was sentenced on Saturday.
  44. terrible things
    Male Model Eric Zentner Killed in Hit-and-RunHe was reportedly on the way to visit his mom.
  45. terrible things
    Model Who Spoke Out About Problems With Anorexia Has DiedShe was 28.