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  1. Getting an Abortion, the Video GameTexas’s draconian abortion regulations inspired a role-playing game. 
  2. superheroines
    Wendy Davis Wore High Heels in VogueShe is confused by a Photoshopped picture in which she is Daenerys Targaryen.
  3. quotables
    Texas Republican Wants to Teach Wendy Davis a LessonAnd it costs about as much as an unplanned baby.
  4. shmashmortion
    Watch Texas Legislature’s Best Pro-Choice Testimony YetShe’s moving to New York, naturally.
  5. shmashmortion
    National Republicans Stay Clear of Texas Abortion DebateDon’t want to Akin it. 
  6. life imitating art
    Connie Britton Rightfully Enters Texas Abortion DebateWhat Would Wendy Davis/Tami Taylor/Connie Britton Do?
  7. quotables
    Rick Perry: Wendy Davis Is Proof Women Don’t Need Abortion Rights“It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example.”
  8. shoe reviews
    Amazon Reviewers Say Wendy Davis’s Pink Sneakers ‘Outrun Patriarchy’Five out of five stars. 
  9. shmashmortion
    Rick Perry Calls Do-Over on Filibustered Abortion Bill It’s good to be the king.
  10. shmashmortion
    Texas House Votes to Close 37 Abortion ClinicsOut of 42. 
  11. babies r us
    Two Pair! Houston Couple Wins Reproductive PokerWelcome, Ace, Blaine, Cash, and Dylan.
  12. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld to Show Chanel in Texas This YearIn Dallas, to be precise.
  13. shmashmortion
    Texas Will Use Hiring Freeze to Recoup Funds Lost in Planned Parenthood BanThe state’s plan to recoup federal funds lost when it excluded Planned Parenthood from a health-care program for low-income women.
  14. the war on women
    Texas Will Now Defund Planned ParenthoodGovernor Rick Perry calls it a “win for Texas women.” 
  15. cult of personality
    Hedi Slimane Personally Ensures That Texas Is CoolHe’s personally going there for a showing of his photography, along with works by Jeremy Kost and Vanessa Beecroft.