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  1. crime
    Texas Man Accused of Shooting Female Drivers, Believes They Are ‘Incompetent’Prosecutors say Nicholas D’Agostino has “a dim view of women.”
  2. power
    Customs Agent Hassled Mother and Daughter for Having Different Last NamesA woman from Texas says an officer told her, “Maybe you should have taken your husband’s last name so you could prove you were her mom.”
  3. crime
    Sheriff’s Deputy Sexually Abused Undocumented Woman’s 4-Year-Old Child: ReportOfficials say there may be other victims.
  4. sticker drama
    This Profane Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker Is Terrorizing a Texas TownThe local sheriff has sounded the alarm.
  5. 7 Months Pregnant and Trapped in a Hurricane“I thought: My baby and I are going to drown.”
  6. abortion rights 2017
    Trump Administration Threatens Abortion Access for Immigrant Minors in TexasThe ACLU is fighting one case in an emergency hearing.
  7. everyday sexism
    A Texas Official Was Reprimanded for Refusing to Meet With Female EmployeesHe skipped meetings with a colleague he feared “had romantic feelings for him.”
  8. bicep envy
    Ted Cruz Is Very Impressed by the U.S. Coast Guard’s Muscles“Every one of them [is] ripped.”
  9. reproductive rights
    Texas Judge Blocks Law Banning Common Abortion ProcedureA federal judge temporarily stopped the law from taking effect.
  10. hurricane harvey
    A Nurse on Rescuing Critically Ill Babies from Hurricane HarveyWhat it was like to evacuate premature newborns in Corpus Christi, Texas.
  11. karma
    Watch Rep. Blake Farenthold Get Soaked by a Hurricane in Live InterviewMy dude looks miserable.
  12. politics
    Planned Parenthood Is Suing Texas Over Its Abortion-Procedure BanThey’re trying to reverse Texas’s ban of a common, safe abortion procedure.
  13. abortion access
    Here’s Why Texas Abortion Clinics Are Still Struggling to ReopenA year after a groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling in their favor, only 3 of 24 clinics have reopened.
  14. politics
    What You Need to Know About the Sweeping Anti-Abortion Law Just Signed in TexasIt bans a common abortion procedure and requires fetal remains to be buried.
  15. women’s health
    Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Failing Texas TeensThe state has yet to adopt progressive policies that are working to reduce the teen-pregnancy rate elsewhere.
  16. offensive things
    Texas Middle-School Teachers Give Girl ‘Most Likely to Become a Terrorist’ AwardOnly one day after the Manchester terrorist attack.
  17. reproductive rights
    Texas Passed an Intense Abortion-Restriction Bill Despite Supreme Court RulingBecause who cares about the Supreme Court, anyway?
  18. Teen’s Ex and His New Girlfriend Arrested Over Her Cyberbullying SuicideBrandy Vela shot herself after her ex reportedly posted naked pictures of her online.
  19. sxsw diary
    A List of Personal SXSW HighlightsAnd arguably some lowlights.
  20. abortion rights
    Texas Lawmaker Proposes Fining Men $100 Every Time They MasturbateIn the face of Texas abortion restrictions, State Rep. Jessica Farrar has introduced a satirical bill giving men a taste of their own medicine.
  21. legal battles
    Judge Blocks Texas’s Attempt to Cut Medicaid Funding to Planned ParenthoodA federal judge issued a preliminary injunction and wrote a scathing opinion admonishing the state.
  22. Texas Mayor Is the State’s First Openly Trans Person to Serve in Elected OfficeJess Herbst has been New Hope’s mayor since May.
  23. reproductive rights
    State Rep.: Criminalizing Abortion Would Women Force Women to Be ‘Responsible’Tony Tinderholt, the Texas lawmaker attempting to make abortion illegal in his state, spoke to the Texas Observer about his bill.
  24. abortion rights
    Planned Parenthood Takes Texas Back to CourtThe state is taking final steps to cut Planned Parenthood from its network of Medicaid providers.
  25. women’s health
    Texas Makes Final Move to Stop Funding to Planned ParenthoodHealth officials in Texas filed a legal notice to end the program’s Medicaid funding.
  26. Horrible Texas Rule Requiring Women to Cremate Fetal Remains Temporarily BlockedA judge issued a temporary restraining order against the regulations.
  27. Abortion Activists Are Fighting Back Against Texas’s Fetal-Remains RuleThe lawsuit seeks to block the rule from being implemented.
  28. steaming piles of bullshit
    Texas Is Handing Out an Abortion Booklet That’s Full of MisinformationMisinformational material.
  29. women’s health
    New Texas Health Rules Will Require Fetal Remains to Be Cremated or BuriedNew rules set to take effect mid-December prohibit hospitals or abortion providers from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills.
  30. lgbt rights
    This Insane Bill Would Force Teachers to Out LGBT Students to Their ParentsIt entitles any Texas parent to information on their child’s “general physical, psychological or emotional well-being.”
  31. women’s health
    Pregnancy-Related Deaths Doubled in Texas After Abortion Clinics ClosedFunny how those two things coincide.
  32. actually good things
    Thousands of Women in Texas Will Get Low-Cost IUDsThanks to a $2 million donation to Planned Parenthood.
  33. look book
    The Texan Who Wants to Go Into Fashion“Right now, I’m just trying to model and build up my résumé.”
  34. crime
    Texas Mom Killed by Police After Shooting Her 2 DaughtersShe was a gun supporter and had a history of mental illness.
  35. abortion rights
    What Today’s Supreme Court Decision Means for Abortion RightsThe Supreme Court struck down two parts of a Texas law that placed restrictions on abortion providers.
  36. horrible things
    Lawsuit: White Boys Dragged a Black Girl by RopeA new lawsuit alleges the three white sixth graders injured their black classmate and administrators did nothing about it.
  37. bathroom police
    Man Attempts to Stop Woman From Using Women’s RestroomAn androgynous woman was followed into a restroom by a man making sure she wasn’t a man.
  38. shmashmortion
    Woman in Texas Forced to Deliver Stillborn BabyTime limits on abortions are more harmful than you think.
  39. Conservative Woman Could Impact Texas TextbooksUnsurprisingly, she does not believe in climate change.
  40. shmashmortion
    The Supreme Court Will Hear A Challenge to Texas Abortion LawThe law could leave the state with only 10 abortion clinics.
  41. memorials
    Sandra Bland Will Have a Street Named in Her HonorUniversity Drive becomes Sandra Bland Parkway.
  42. sweet romance
    Texas Judge: Marry Your Girlfriend or Go to JailRomance isn’t dead.
  43. shmashmortion
    SCOTUS Temporarily Blocks Closing of Texas Abortion Clinics The Court issued a stay on the new law that would effectively shut down half of the state’s abortion clinics.
  44. high school
    Meet the First Trans Homecoming King in Texas“I wanted to show that a guy like me can live a normal life and still be visible in the community and be widely accepted.”
  45. shmashmortion
    By Choice or Necessity, the Future of Abortions May Be at HomeIn countries where abortion is illegal, women are safely self-inducing. Maybe we should, too.
  46. shmashmortion
    Abortion Will Stay Barely Legal in TexasUntil it goes to the supreme court.
  47. teens of twitter
    #Lookadouche: Texas High School Students Revolt Over Sexist SpeakerThey tweeted their dissatisfaction with guest speaker Justin Lookadoo.
  48. memoirs
    Wendy Davis to Publish Memoir Before Governor RaceInevitable, still exciting. 
  49. shmashmortion
    Federal Judge Blocks Part of Texas Abortion LawAnd Rand Paul warns of abortion eugenics. 
  50. shmashmortion
    Ross Perot Steps Up for Beleaguered Texas Planned ParenthoodAnd soon Wendy Davis will, too. 
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