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  1. sober questioning
    Alone and Sober on ThanksgivingStill grateful though.
  2. hot takes
    Turkey: NoKeep that perverse bird away from my table.
  3. sorry mom
    I Refuse to Celebrate the Holidays As I Did in the Before TimesThe idea of “going back to normal”makes me Grinch-y.
  4. hunger
    America’s Food Banks Are Totally Overwhelmed Right NowIt’s never been so important to donate. Here’s how.
  5. home for the holidays
    ‘Frankly, I Just Need a Change of Scenery’Six people explain why they’re still traveling for Thanksgiving.
  6. holidays
    How to Host a Zoom ThanksgivingWe asked event planners for tips on pulling off a virtual holiday gathering.
  7. thanksgiving
    The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Goes FashionCoach will be the first luxury fashion brand to participate.
  8. helpful tips
    What Should You Talk About This Thanksgiving?Some suggestions.
  9. cut opinion pages
    The Simple Joys of Waiting for a FlightGrab your snacks and meet me at Gate 5.
  10. advice
    Just Skip ThanksgivingThe case for spending a holiday alone.
  11. dog queries
    Which Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe for Dogs to Eat?Can we share our turkey? What about Grandma’s cranberry sauce?
  12. thanksgiving
    How to Have a Gratitude Practice That Isn’t AnnoyingYou might flirt with corniness on your way to sincerity.
  13. thanksgiving
    Behold These Luxurious Celebrity Thanksgiving SetupsFrom the Kardashian-Jenners to DJ Khaled, celebrities had a fancier holiday than the rest of us.
  14. thanksgiving
    What It Means to ‘Feel Fat’It’s subtly different, and more fleeting, than having an overarchingly unhealthy body image.
  15. gratitude
    5 Reasons Giving Thanks Can Improve Your LifeSappy, but psychologically effective.
  16. sex diaries
    The Man Planning a Thanksgiving ThreesomeThis week’s sex diary.
  17. holidays
    Thanksgiving Is the Least Sexy HolidayThe disturbing trend of sensual turkey videos must be stopped.
  18. strong dumb take
    Only Fools Waste Time on Cranberry SauceDon’t be a fool.
  19. keeping up with the royals
    Prepare for Thanksgiving With These Photos of Meghan Markle Cheerfully CookingThere she goes, being industrious again.
  20. thought experiment
    Would You Eat a Hot Cheetos Turkey?It’s an interesting question.
  21. thanksgiving
    19 Pairs of Stylish, Stretchy Pants Made for EatingGo ahead and have that second helping of pie.
  22. piegate
    Sarah Sanders Is Mocked for Making Pecan Pie That Looks Like a Stock ImageThere is no visible watermark.
  23. let them eat carbs!
    13 of Our Favorite Celebrity ThanksgivingsFeaturing Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus, Kerry Washington, Sofía Vergara — and Oprah, of course.
  24. thanksgiving
    Trump Jokes About Reversing Obama’s Turkey PardonsHe just couldn’t resist.
  25. media
    White House Press Secretary Makes Reporters Share What They’re Thankful For“Thank you participating in this very fun exercise.”
  26. get it together
    Everything I Bought to Host ThanksgivingNot one item on this list costs over $50.
  27. wellness theories
    Patti LaBelle on Thanksgiving Fights, Pies, and Why You Shouldn’t Call Her Diva“We’re all out here together; no one is better than anyone.”
  28. always shopping
    Chic Elastic-Waist Pants to Wear on ThanksgivingStretchy waistbands are your friend.
  29. get it together
    Everything You Need to Make Holiday Travel Less PainfulJust in time for Thanksgiving.
  30. let’s talk about sex
    Sex Lives Podcast: Gay Son of a Preacher ManThis week’s podcast.
  31. dykes to watch out for
    Give Thanks for Alison Bechdel’s New Dykes to Watch Out ForCatch up with the beloved characters from her comic strip.
  32. This Thanksgiving, May You Be As Happy As Leslie Jones Watching BasketballWatching Leslie Jones watch sports is the best athletic activity.
  33. sos
    This Hotline Will Coach You Through Political Thanksgiving Convos With RelativesAn anti-racism nonprofit is here to help.
  34. thanksgiving
    Feasts Kind of Invented CivilizationIt’s all about debt.
  35. A Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend With Two Instagram TastemakersBaking pies is a special kind of therapy.
  36. fatsgiving
    8 Ways to Wear Sweatpants to Thanksgiving DinnerBecause stretchy waistbands are your friend.
  37. best bets
    Salad Servers for Thanksgiving, Pearl River Mart Reopens, and Holiday Pop-UpsWhat’s new in New York stores.
  38. trudeaun’t go breaking my heart
    19 Photos of Justin Trudeau to Celebrate Canadian ThanksgivingBecause he’s more than just a great head of hair.
  39. celebrities eating
    How Celebs Spent ThanksgivingPosing with pie, apparently.
  40. can u not
    Vogue Really Wants to Ruin Thanksgiving DinnerSo does PopSugar, Time, and The Weather Channel.
  41. Cheap Thrill: A Cute Journal for Food LoversWhippin’ work in the kitchen.
  42. always shopping
    8 Outfit Ideas for a Dressed-Up ThanksgivingWhen you can’t just wear sweatpants.
  43. fatsgiving
    15 Ways to Wear Sweatpants to Thanksgiving DinnerStretchy waistbands are your friend.
  44. supercut
    The Most Extreme Movie Mall Moments on FilmMay your Black Friday be nothing like this.
  45. science of us
    Don’t Fall Into This Thanksgiving Fitness TrapWe think mild exercise doesn’t matter if we’re gorging ourself, but that’s probably incorrect.
  46. goodbyes
    12 Lessons I Learned at the CutCharlotte Cowles bids farewell.
  47. season’s giftings
    How to Say ‘Thank You’ Like a Fashion PersonShower your hosts with flowers, massages, and weird plants.
  48. holidaze
    The Cut’s Holiday GIF GuideAll of your feelings about the holiday season, wrapped up in some nice, sparkly GIFs.
  49. teens
    Teens Bringing Dates to Thanksgiving DinnerTheir dating rituals confuse us forevermore. 
  50. black friday
    People Are Already Camping Out for Black FridayIt’s an arms race of holiday spirit.
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