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That’s A Bop

  1. that’s a bop
    It’s Only April And Nicki Minaj Released the Song of the Summer“Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz”! We are drowning in bangers.
  2. wellness theories
    Shania Twain on Working Out, Drinking Smoothies, and Smearing Sugar on Her FaceHow the Canadian diva does wellness.
  3. This New Miss Eaves Video Is a Visual Encyclopedia of Things Fuccbois Say“u up?”
  4. Behind the Scenes of the Video That Will Guide You Through Your Next BreakupThe extra sauce behind the girl gang, the pastels, and those flamingos.
  5. that’s a bop
    Buscabulla Is Teaching an Advanced Course in Latin MusicThere’s more to radio than just “Despacito.”
  6. up next
    There’s Never Been a Better Time for a New Downtown Boys RecordOn the punk band’s third album, resistance is the goal, but catharsis is a good place to start.
  7. that’s a bop
    Here’s Everything You Need to Make Your Definitive Summer PlaylistJorja! Chastity Belt! Downtown Boys! Synead!
  8. that’s a bop
    The Song That Will Convince You to Bite the Bullet and Move to L.A.And perform a Wiccan ritual.
  9. that’s a bop
    This Song Will Inspire You to Add More People to Your Block ListRico Nasty teaches you how to curve loser dudes.
  10. that’s a bop
    Art School Jocks Wrote the Song to Soundtrack Your Every Eye RollNever feel alone in your cynicism again.
  11. that’s a bop
    Sharon Van Etten on Twin Peaks, Motherhood, and Her Many LivesThe singer-songwriter has a thousand careers.
  12. that’s a bop
    Synead’s ‘Tropicao’ Will Make You Close Your Eyes and Dream of VacationIf you don’t dance, you do now.
  13. that’s a bop
    H.E.R. Wrote the Sexiest Song of the SummerPut on “Every Kind of Way,” dim the lights, thank us later.
  14. i love you so much
    I Love DJ Khaled’s ‘I Love You So Much’ So MuchIt’s a song for a baby, but it can inspire anyone.
  15. that’s a bop
    This Song Will Make You Believe Your Summer Fling Has Staying PowerOr at least give you faith that love actually exists.
  16. that’s a bop
    Made You a Playlist: DJ Haram’s Got Your Road Trip Soundtrack CoveredSongs for packing it up and taking it on the road.
  17. up next
    Sophia Kennedy Made the Best Pop Record You’ve Probably Never Heard OfIf Lorde and SZA are the shot, Sophia Kennedy is the chaser.
  18. that’s a bop
    Charlotte Dos Santos Rewrote a Medieval Round So You Can Grind to ItIs this … a first?
  19. that’s a bop
    Play This Song Before You Insta-Stalk Your ExLady Leshurr’s “F My Ex” is wasteman-repellant.
  20. that’s a bop
    Young M.A Might Motivate You to Give Up Your Summer FridaysSelf MA.de is a reminder to grind.
  21. up next
    Marika Hackman Wrote the Song L Word Fans Have Been Waiting ForRemember “my lover Cindy?” She’s finally been immortalized in song.
  22. that’s a bop
    It’s Time for Shania Twain and Celine Dion to Record a DuetTwo of Canada’s biggest pop stars have never recorded a duet together. Why not?
  23. that’s a bop
    Here’s a Song for People Who Think It’s Cool to CareChastity Belt makes music for moody Sundays.
  24. Made You A Playlist: Songs To Hotbox ToDiscwoman DJ Stud1nt curated a playlist for the weekend.
  25. that’s a bop
    The Realest, Most Hyperspecific Lyrics From SZA’s CtrlForrest Gump, tacos and open relationships
  26. that’s a bop
    The Song You’ll Secretly Shazam During Spin ClassAdd Hey Violet’s “Break My Heart” to your summer playlist.
  27. that’s a bop
    This Song Will Motivate You to Pick Up That Side Project You’ve Been NeglectingDon’t waste another minute.
  28. that’s a bop
    This Beth Ditto Song Was Made for Struttin’And that’s just what you’ll do.
  29. that’s a bop
    Rapper Tasha the Amazon Will Turn Your House Party Into a RiotThe Toronto rapper takes no prisoners and takes no naps.
  30. that’s a bop
    Listen to This Song When You’re Feeling Sentimental on Your Summer Road TripFor when you’re on the road and really missing your sweetie.
  31. that’s a bop
    Singer Jorja Smith Totally Owns Drake on This Track“Get It Together” belongs to her.
  32. that’s a bop
    Made You a Playlist: Jacuzzi Music From ShyboiDiscwoman and DJ Shyboi curated a playlist for your weekend.
  33. that’s a bop
    This Summer Anthem Will Make You Want to Embrace Your Chub RubBrooklyn-based rapper Miss Eaves wrote the only body-positivity anthem worth listening to.
  34. that’s a bop
    Ibeyi’s New Video Makes Having a Sister Look FunTime to take that siblings retreat you’ve been planning for years.
  35. that’s a bop
    Gavin Turek’s ‘The Distance’ Is the Perfect Soundtrack to Your Summer ThirstOne for the secret “sexytime” Spotify playlist.
  36. that’s a bop
    Here’s the Song to Listen to If You Need to Drown Out the News CycleWhy not add Palehound’s “Flowing Over” to your summer playlist?
  37. that’s a bop
    Jessie Reyez Wrote the Breakup Song to End All Breakup SongsWhy not add Jessie Reyez’s “Fuck It” to your summer playlist?
  38. The Return of a Grunge GoddessShirley Manson, lead singer of ‘90s band Garbage, heads back on the road with Blondie.
  39. that’s a bop
    Here’s the Song of the Summer, But for GothsWhy not add Fishbach’s “Invisible désintegration de l’univers” to your summer playlist?
  40. that’s a bop
    Here’s a Song to Give Voice to Your Sunday ScariesWhy not add Little Simz’s “Backseat” to your summer playlist?
  41. that’s a bop
    Here’s a Song to Remind You of a Suburban Childhood You Didn’t Actually HaveAdd Big Thief’s “Mythological Beauty” to your summer playlist.