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The Art Of Diplomacy

  1. the art of diplomacy
    Trump Promises Not to Do ‘This’ to GreenlandThere will be no Trump Hotel and Casino for Greenlanders, it seems.
  2. the art of diplomacy
    Finally, Trump Opens Dialogue With WhalesThe president tweeted about meeting “the Prince of Whales.”
  3. the art of diplomacy
    Trump U.K. Visit Off to Long, Hard StartHe was greeted by a penis.
  4. the art of diplomacy
    State Department Accidentally Sends Out Very Good Photo of Cat in PajamasIn an email titled “meeting”.
  5. the art of diplomacy
    Emmanuel Macron Does Not Want to Discuss Trump’s Sausage“I’m not convinced the kitchen commentary helps with delivering the meal or eating it.”
  6. the art of diplomacy
    Donald Trump Rudely Called Out Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Dandruff’Was it a gesture of dominance? Affection? A public negging?
  7. the art of diplomacy
    Trump Can’t Keep His Hands Off Macron!The French president has received a very, very warm welcome.
  8. the art of diplomacy
    Melania Trump Has Been Very Busy Pointing at ThingsIn preparation for French president Emmanuel Macron’s state visit.
  9. sick burns
    Queen Elizabeth Finally Makes a Trump JokeShe compared him to a noisy helicopter.
  10. the art of diplomacy
    Donald Trump Allows Woman to Speak for 10 Whole SecondsThe president reportedly can’t stop interrupting British prime minister Theresa May.
  11. best of 2017
    7 World Leaders Who Hated on Trump in 2017Pope Francis, Malcolm Turnbull, Vladimir Putin all roasted the new president.
  12. the art of diplomacy
    Bad Teen Donald Trump Plans to Tweet From China Even Though It’s Banned“The president will tweet whenever he wants.”
  13. the art of diplomacy
    Trump Kicked Off First Call With French President by Saying, ‘I Love Your Wine’“You know my country. You know many great Americans.”