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  1. bachelor in paradise
    The New Bachelor in Paradise Trailer Is Here, and It’s BadIt includes video of a cute crab crawling out of a margarita glass, and audio of a woman screaming.
  2. Will You Watch Bachelor in Paradise This Season?A panel of Vulture and Cut watchers discuss.
  3. Lawyer for Corinne Olympios Will Still Investigate Bachelor in Paradise ScandalOlympios is not content with the Warner Bros. investigation.
  4. Corinne Olympios Speaks Out on Bachelor in Paradise Scandal: ‘I Am a Victim’This is her first statement on the “allegations of misconduct” that shut down production on the show.
  5. DeMario Jackson Hanging Out in L.A. Amid Bachelor in Paradise ScandalHe told the paparazzi, “Love you all, thank you for the support.”
  6. Bachelor in Paradise Crew Member Gives Horrifying Account of Alleged Sex AssaultThe details are extremely disturbing.
  7. Report: Bachelor in Paradise Star Says She Did Not Consent to Sexual EncounterReports of “misconduct” on the Bachelor in Paradise set are getting more disturbing.
  8. What Kind of ‘Misconduct’ Happened on the Bachelor in Paradise Set?People reports there may have been a nonconsensual sexual encounter.
  9. Which of These Bachelorette Bros Has Social Media Star Potential?We asked an expert.
  10. bachelor breakups
    The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Break Up After Boring EngagementWhat will the reality-TV stars do now?
  11. wellness theories
    Corinne Olympios on Napping, Cheese Pasta, and Staying Healthy on The Bachelor“You see some of the girls gain a little bit of weight towards the end of the season.”
  12. after the bachelor
    The Most Depressing Ways The Bachelor Couple Have Described Their Relationship“It’s not the ideal experience.”
  13. The Bachelor’s Chris Soules Reportedly Arrested After Fatal CrashHe has reportedly been “booked on the charge of leaving the scene with a death.”
  14. make america corinne again
    Corinne From The Bachelor Is Selling ‘Platinum Vagine’ Shirts NowPerfect for midday naps.
  15. the bachelorette
    What Last Night Taught Us About Bachelor Nation’s Approach to RaceWho are Rachel’s contestants going to be?
  16. U.S. Immigration Will Make It Very Hard for The Bachelor’s Couple to Be TogetherThese two have a tough road ahead.
  17. social media influencers
    How Bachelor Contestants Cash In After the Show Is OverWe talked to members of the Bachelor franchise to find out.
  18. Watch 4 Surprising On-Set Secrets From Behind the Scenes of The BachelorThe show only takes seven weeks.
  19. doing lines
    The Thirstiest Bachelor Is Now Launching a Beauty LineAnd Nick Viall’s keeping the reveal suspenseful.
  20. flashbacks
    Corinne Eviscerated Mean Girls on The Bachelor. Just Like My Mom Taught Me To.The former contestant confronted bullies with the same tactics I learned in fifth grade.
  21. God Bless Corinne Olympios, the Best Bachelor Contestant of All TimeA celebration of the woman who compared herself to corn.
  22. bachelor conspiracy theories
    The Hidden Meaning Behind Corinne’s Bachelor NapsThere’s more to this than meets the eye.
  23. bachelor conspiracy theories
    This Conspiracy Theory Will Change How You Feel About the Bachelor VillainCorinne is not who she seems.
  24. bachelor nation
    Saturday Night Live Takes Aim at The Bachelor’s Nick ViallYou know you’ve made it when SNL makes a sketch about you.
  25. the cut reviews
    Tasting the New Bachelor Wines With a Veteran SommelierDo they pass the chug test?
  26. These Bachelor Contestants Fell in Love With Each Other InsteadFinally, a couple from The Bachelor we can root for.
  27. the bachelor
    Nick Viall Reportedly Slept With One of the Bachelor Contestants AlreadyHe apparently hooked up with her at a wedding and “never called her again.”
  28. Newlywed Advice, Inspired by the Bachelor Spinoff Happily Ever After?If every couple were given a reality show to document their first year, they could easily steal the tagline from the new Bachelor spinoff.
  29. bachelor nation
    Nick Viall Is Not The Bachelor Shakeup the World NeededShould we really be surprised?
  30. conspiracies
    Chad Says Bachelor in Paradise Framed HimHe claims he did not actually poop in his pants.
  31. tv
    The Bachelor Franchise Betrayed ChadThey gleefully milked his meltdown.
  32. reality tv
    The Bachelor Probably Isn’t Getting More Diverse Any Time SoonSurprise, surprise.
  33. field trips
    The Bachelor Casting Call Was a Hellish 3-Hour Line to NowhereEveryone trying out for The Bachelor is beautiful and mean.
  34. how about that?
    The Couple From the Fake Bachelor Show Is Getting Married in Real LifeUnREAL co-stars Freddie Stroma and Johanna Braddy are engaged.
  35. The Top 5 Most Sex-Crazed Bachelorette ContestantsThese guys are here for all the right reasons.
  36. the post-bachelor economy
    Bachelor Alums Get Real at Sponsored Baby ShowerA chat with Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici about the post-Bachelor economy.
  37. like what you did there
    The Bachelor Winner Wore a Rent the Runway Gown A vision in blue.
  38. superfans
    Allison Williams Got Engaged During an Episode of The BachelorLife imitating ABC.
  39. the good old days
    Ancient Rose Ceremonies Were Way Deadlier Than The Bachelor’sChris Harrison has nothing on ancient Rome.
  40. cut cover story
    A History of The Bachelor, by the People Who Lived It “It’s about love, and these two people in this amazing, awkward, hopeful situation. That’s it. That’s the entire show.”
  41. Former Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants Tell All!The one who talked about sex, the ones who ended up in a happily monetized marriage, and more. 
  42. An Homage by The Bachelor’s De Facto Poet Laureate“It isn’t hard to write a love poem if you have a TV / a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and a killer instinct / for where to break the line …”
  43. Reality Steve Is Not Spoiling Anything With His Spoilers“I mean, if it wasn’t my job, would I watch it? No.”
  44. The 12 Stages of Bachelor Addiction, According to a Celebrity Superfan  Since my husband and I are married and no longer have sex, we root for the Bachelor to sleep with as many of the contestants as possible.
  45. gender issues
    The Next Season of ABC’s The Bachelorette Will Be a Deathmatch Two women, one true love.
  46. q&a
    Farewell, Bachelor in Paradise, Greatest Gift of Summertime TVTalking to host Chris Harrison about “don’t-choose-too-good-of-a-box-of-wine, sit-down-with-a-pint-of-your-favorite-ice-cream” TV.
  47. juan pablo is the worst
    Ex-Bachelor Juan Pablo Has Enemies EverywhereWe are all his jilted exes. 
  48. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, From Scalp Facials to the Princeton MomTen things we learned this week.
  49. juan pablo is the worst
    12 Ways Juan Pablo Dodged Saying ‘I Love You’ A.k.a. 12 different ways to say “I’m a commitment-phobe.”
  50. reality tv villains
    Juan Pablo Is the Worst Bachelor in HistoryAnd that’s why this season might be the greatest.
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