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  1. tv
    Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Criticizes the Franchise for Failing to Protect Her“Do I sound a little pissed off? Well that is because I am.”
  2. reality tv
    ‘The Bachelorette’ Picked a Surprising WinnerHer choice is controversial.
  3. sexual assault
    The Proposal Episode Pulled After Contestant Is Accused of Enabling Date RapeMichael J. Friday allegedly set up a Wisconsin woman to be drugged and assaulted by two other men.
  4. meet the men
    Every Awkward, Bizarre, Boring Entrance From The Bachelorette PremiereA chicken suit, an ox, cardboard cutouts, and more.
  5. the bachelorette
    Quiz: How Many of These Are Real Bachelorette Contestants’ Jobs?Will Becca Kufrin end up with a colognoisseur? An enthusiast? A social-media participant?
  6. drama
    Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New Season of the Bachelorette With Becca, all the men, and a guy in a chicken suit.
  7. casting couch
    Becca Kufrin Is the Next BacheloretteABC owes her the title after what happened on The Bachelor.
  8. sexual harassment
    The Bachelorette Is Being Sued For Sexual HarassmentBecky Steenhoek alleges her colleagues asked graphic questions about her sex life.
  9. bachelor nation
    You Can Now Buy Rachel Lindsay’s Old Single-Girl Clothes From The BachelorShe’s moving on.
  10. And the Winner of The Bachelorette Is…Just as you expected: it was the handsome man with the great smile and extremely symmetrical face.
  11. the bachelorette
    Why Did Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Skip Her Own Engagement Party?It’s a complete mystery.
  12. There Will Never Be a Better Dating Show Than I Love New YorkLong before the Bachelorette, there was Tiffany Pollard.
  13. spelling bees
    Could You Beat a Bachelorette Contestant at a Spelling Bee?Here’s a fun game.
  14. abc's the bachelorette
    America Finally Has Its First Black BacheloretteRachel Lindsay, do you accept this fantasy of post-racial dating?
  15. Let’s Take a Look at That Weird Science Moment on The Bachelorette Last NightA contestant had some theories about eye contact, emotions, and brain hemispheres.
  16. Which of These Bachelorette Bros Has Social Media Star Potential?We asked an expert.
  17. the bachelorette
    Chris Harrison Is a Terrible Bachelorette WingmanHis introduction to this Bachelorette season’s suitors was grim.
  18. bachelor breakups
    The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Break Up After Boring EngagementWhat will the reality-TV stars do now?
  19. the bachelorette
    What Last Night Taught Us About Bachelor Nation’s Approach to RaceWho are Rachel’s contestants going to be?
  20. spoiler alert
    And the Winner of The Bachelor’s 21st Season Is …Did Nick Viall propose to Vanessa or Raven?
  21. social media influencers
    How Bachelor Contestants Cash In After the Show Is OverWe talked to members of the Bachelor franchise to find out.
  22. Watch 4 Surprising On-Set Secrets From Behind the Scenes of The BachelorThe show only takes seven weeks.
  23. doing lines
    The Thirstiest Bachelor Is Now Launching a Beauty LineAnd Nick Viall’s keeping the reveal suspenseful.
  24. last night on late night
    Next Season’s Bachelorette Revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!The reality series has tapped its first black bachelorette for next season.
  25. casting couch
    ABC Is Finally Getting Its First Black BacheloretteAt last, diversity.
  26. bachelor nation
    Ex-Bachelorette Jillian Harris Found Love in a Christmassy PlaceThe reality-TV star got engaged on Christmas morning.
  27. Jordan Rodgers’s Ex Has Receipts of His DoucheryLike, an actual receipt for flowers he allegedly bought for an actress in Pitch Perfect 2.
  28. conspiracies
    Chad Says Bachelor in Paradise Framed HimHe claims he did not actually poop in his pants.
  29. tv
    The Bachelor Franchise Betrayed ChadThey gleefully milked his meltdown.
  30. reality tv
    The Bachelor Probably Isn’t Getting More Diverse Any Time SoonSurprise, surprise.
  31. famous families
    The Bachelorette Would Love to Have Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn at Her WeddingBachelorette JoJo and her new fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, talk wedding plans. 
  32. douche of the week
    On The Bachelorette, Jordan Rodgers Is the Biggest Douche of Them AllFinally, our winner is crowned. 
  33. big bad chad
    The Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson Says He Deserves Love, TooBecause villains also need love.
  34. douche of the week
    Is Bachelorette Chad a Force for Good or Evil?The Chadelor has returned.
  35. How a 1970s Psychology Study Explains The BacheloretteAnd all of the show’s insane date activities.
  36. bachelorette recaps
    Drunk Wells Is the Bachelorette Recapper We Deserve“I’m falling in love with you, Coors Light.”
  37. douche of the week
    We Already Know Who’s Going to Win The BacheloretteIt’s that guy!
  38. douche of the week
    Bachelorette Douche Jordan Crushes JoJo’s Dreams of Meeting Olivia MunnThe ultimate sad-douche move.
  39. field trips
    The Bachelor Casting Call Was a Hellish 3-Hour Line to NowhereEveryone trying out for The Bachelor is beautiful and mean.
  40. A Lesson From The Bachelorette on How to Spot a LieLook sharp, JoJo.
  41. douche of the week
    What the Other Douchey Chad Said About JoJoThere’s a new douche, and his name is … also Chad.
  42. big bad chad
    Chad Finally Watched Himself on The BacheloretteHe’s not mad.
  43. don't poke the chad bear
    The Greatest Douche in Bachelorette History Is Headed to ParadiseThe producers of Bachelor in Paradise better start stocking up on yams for Chad.
  44. unwifeable
    A Defense of Chad on The Bachelorette — by My Own HusbandDid I mention he’s a Trump voter, too?
  45. douche of the week
    An Ode to Chad, the Greatest Villain in Bachelorette History
A very special douche of the week.
  46. big bad chad
    This Is How Bachelorette Chad Eats Sweet PotatoThis is how we imagine serial killers eat.
  47. reality tv villains
    The Bachelorette’s Chad Is Even More of a Villain Than We ThoughtTerrifying.
  48. douche of the week
    The Bachelorette’s Douche of the Week Is Chad, DuhHe’s a “meathead to the max.”
  49. douche of the week
    A Naked Guy Ruined a Meme on The BacheloretteDamn, Daniel.
  50. The Top 5 Most Sex-Crazed Bachelorette ContestantsThese guys are here for all the right reasons.
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