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  1. douche of the week
    What the Other Douchey Chad Said About JoJoThere’s a new douche, and his name is … also Chad.
  2. big bad chad
    Chad Finally Watched Himself on The BacheloretteHe’s not mad.
  3. don’t poke the chad bear
    The Greatest Douche in Bachelorette History Is Headed to ParadiseThe producers of Bachelor in Paradise better start stocking up on yams for Chad.
  4. unwifeable
    A Defense of Chad on The Bachelorette — by My Own HusbandDid I mention he’s a Trump voter, too?
  5. douche of the week
    An Ode to Chad, the Greatest Villain in Bachelorette History
A very special douche of the week.
  6. big bad chad
    This Is How Bachelorette Chad Eats Sweet PotatoThis is how we imagine serial killers eat.
  7. reality tv villains
    The Bachelorette’s Chad Is Even More of a Villain Than We ThoughtTerrifying.
  8. douche of the week
    The Bachelorette’s Douche of the Week Is Chad, DuhHe’s a “meathead to the max.”
  9. douche of the week
    A Naked Guy Ruined a Meme on The BacheloretteDamn, Daniel.
  10. The Top 5 Most Sex-Crazed Bachelorette ContestantsThese guys are here for all the right reasons.
  11. cut cover story
    A History of The Bachelor, by the People Who Lived It “It’s about love, and these two people in this amazing, awkward, hopeful situation. That’s it. That’s the entire show.”
  12. Former Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants Tell All!The one who talked about sex, the ones who ended up in a happily monetized marriage, and more. 
  13. An Homage by The Bachelor’s De Facto Poet Laureate“It isn’t hard to write a love poem if you have a TV / a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and a killer instinct / for where to break the line …”
  14. Reality Steve Is Not Spoiling Anything With His Spoilers“I mean, if it wasn’t my job, would I watch it? No.”
  15. The 12 Stages of Bachelor Addiction, According to a Celebrity Superfan  Since my husband and I are married and no longer have sex, we root for the Bachelor to sleep with as many of the contestants as possible.
  16. life according to abc’s the bachelorette
    Chris Harrison: Okay With People Having Sex on The Bachelor“I wasn’t that appalled.”
  17. gender issues
    The Next Season of ABC’s The Bachelorette Will Be a Deathmatch Two women, one true love.
  18. q&a
    Farewell, Bachelor in Paradise, Greatest Gift of Summertime TVTalking to host Chris Harrison about “don’t-choose-too-good-of-a-box-of-wine, sit-down-with-a-pint-of-your-favorite-ice-cream” TV.
  19. the bachelorette
    Why The Bachelorette Wasn’t ‘Slut-Shamed’And it’s harmful to say so.
  20. Why the Current Bachelorette Is Sorta BoringShe’s just too darn together, a psychotherapist explains.
  21. life according to abc’s the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette Tried to Have the ‘Race’ Talk Last Night; FailedFailed.
  22. group activities
    There’s Nothing Sadder Than Watching The Bachelorette AloneIt’s really, really sad. Super-sad.
  23. life according to the bachelorette
    Life Lessons From The Bachelorette: Let’s Bare Our Souls, Man-ThongsOne man-thong too many.
  24. life according to abc’s the bachelorette
    Lessons From ABC’s The Bachelorette: Episode 1 Andi meets her potential husbands.
  25. reality tv villains
    Juan Pablo Is the Worst Bachelor in HistoryAnd that’s why this season might be the greatest.
  26. life according to abc’s the bachelor
    American Men Really Like Egg WhitesIt’s why they’re still single, says Chris Harrison.
  27. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Bachelorettes at Alice + OliviaAnd, yes, that Capital B for “Bachelorette” is totally intentional.
  28. beauty marks
    Bachelorette Skin-Care Tips; Rihanna’s TattooPlus, women are buying lots of cartoon-themed makeup.