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The Biggest Loser

  1. the biggest loser
    The Biggest Loser Is Even Worse Than We Thought [Updated]Former contestants dropped bombshells about drug use and so much more.
  2. voyeurism
    The Biggest Loser Is Organized Fat-Shaming, So How Is It Still on TV?The show perpetuates the notion that people are obese because they’re lazy.
  3. weighty matters
    Why the Conversation About Obesity Needs to ChangeStruggling to lose weight doesn’t make you a failure.
  4. damn evolution
    Why, Exactly, Do Our Bodies Fight Us on Weight Loss?Thanks a lot, evolution.
  5. weighty matters
    Why Do So Many Dieters Gain Lost Weight Back?A new study on Biggest Loser contestants has some disheartening findings.
  6. weighty matters
    4 Issues Scientists Have With The Biggest LoserThe show’s 17th season premieres tonight. 
  7. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Becomes Biggest Loser Contestant’s ‘Firstie’It’s like “bestie,” but for First Ladies.
  8. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Compliments Biggest Loser Contestant’s ‘Hot Wife’In a sassy red dress, no less.
  9. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Honors Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift ‘So Honored’The First Lady gave her the Big Help Award.
  10. celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson to Appear on Biggest LoserTo give free clothes to contestants.
  11. beauty marks
    Purple Lipstick Is Having a Moment; Make Up For Ever Releases Burlesque LinePlus, Dior is using only Icelandic glacial water in its skin-care products.