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  1. 10% better
    The Imaginative Powers of a Brain on AutopilotJust relax.
  2. science of us
    Why Is Clock-Drawing Used in Cognitive Tests, Like the One Trump Took?How a simple task tests a wide range of abilities.
  3. science of us
    What Is My Podcast Obsession Doing to My Brain?I never listen to music anymore, or even simply let my mind wander in silence.
  4. How to Speed-Listen to Podcasts Without Confusing Your BrainIf you must do this, here’s the way to do it without sacrificing comprehension.
  5. the brain
    Being Forgetful Isn’t Such a Bad Thing After AllThink of it as recording over a VHS tape (if you can remember what those were).
  6. There Might Be a Biological Reason You Can’t Stand UncertaintyFurther research is needed. In the meantime, try not to worry too much about how little we know for sure.
  7. the brain
    Growing Up Poor Sparks a ‘Vicious Cycle’ in a Child’s Brain“This is not some liberal bullsh*t.”
  8. Writing a Memoir Is a Strange Psychological Trip Through Your PastInsights from people who study autobiographical memory, and people who’ve written autobiographies.
  9. Here’s What Happens to Your Brain in SpaceThings get funky with your motor skills.
  10. The Extreme Secondhand Embarrassment of Watching the OscarsA brief look at the cringe-y feeling you may have had while watching the broadcast.
  11. Your Brain Gives Up When Discerning Truth From Lies Gets Too HardA rather bleak forecast for the next four years.
  12. The Man Who Was Pretty Convinced the News Was a RerunThis sounds about right.
  13. the brain
    Here Is a New and Very Complicated Excuse for Why You’re Always LateThis could work.
  14. If You Run Fast Enough You Can Shut Your Mind Up for a WhileA neuroscientist explains the cognitive effects of high-intensity workouts.
  15. Brain-Training Games Probably Don’t Work, So Here’s What to Do InsteadThere are ways to improve your cognitive functioning that do not involve staring at a screen.
  16. A New Theory on Déjà Vu: It’s How Your Memory Fact-checks ItselfStop me if you’ve heard this.
  17. Olympic Champions’ Minds Are Quieter Than YoursAll-out effort combined with all-out chill.
  18. Some Parts of Your Brain Are Better Than Others at Handling Sleep LossEvery sleep-deprived region of your brain is sleep-deprived in its own way.
  19. To Your Brain, Audiobooks Are Not ‘Cheating’A cognitive psychologist on a question that annoys him.
  20. Reading Makes You Carsick Because Your Brain Thinks It’s Being PoisonedSo many mixed signals. So much nausea.
  21. How Your Brain Reacts When Everyone Laughs at YouYour poor brain. You’re embarrassing it.
  22. How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of RunningResearch in neuroscience shows a solid link between aerobic exercise and cognitive clarity.
  23. How Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Illustrates the Psychology of Romantic Obsession“It’s over-the-top, because there’s song and dance and magical realism. But, I don’t know — a lot of it doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me.”
  24. Why Does Time Seem to Slow Down on Tuesdays?The science of the workweek time warp.
  25. Sometimes Puns Are a Sign of a Damaged BrainIt’s called Witzelsucht, which translates to “joke addiction.”
  26. the brain
    What Tasers Do to the BrainA study hints at some serious implications for when suspects should be read their Miranda rights.
  27. the brain
    A Neuroscientist Explains the Phrase ‘I Just Snapped’Insights from a new book about the brain’s “rage circuit.” 
  28. bad science
    Lumosity Must Pay $2 Million Because ‘Brain Training’ Is Not RealIt’s like a personal trainer for your brain! Except, no, it’s not. 
  29. the brain
    This Study Says Ultramarathoners Have Tinier BrainsExplains a lot.
  30. the brain
    Shut Up and Bask in the Silence for a Better LifeIt takes three minutes.
  31. the brain
    The Neuroscience of Anorexia Reveals Why It’s So Hard to TreatThe behavior associated with the eating disorder is more like a habit than some kind of extreme willpower. 
  32. the brain
    Win Your Next Argument by Citing Meaningless NeurobabblePeople tend to find explanations that include references to the brain very convincing, even if those references are mostly nonsense. 
  33. neuroscience
    David Eagleman Would Like to Introduce You to Your BrainNeuroscientist David Eagleman wants to make you more conscious.
  34. the brain
    Remembering 7 of Oliver Sacks’s Most Fascinating Case StudiesRevisiting the famed neurologist’s work after his death this weekend. 
  35. the brain
    Some People Can’t Form Pictures in Their HeadsImagine that. 
  36. strange cases
    The Man Who Lost His Memory at the Dentist Ten years later, and he still wakes up every morning thinking it’s the day of his root canal.
  37. the brain
    How One Brain Came Back From UnconsciousnessA car accident left 19-year-old Dylan Rizzo in a coma. This is the story of the long, perilous crawl to recovery.
  38. atypical
    What It’s Like to Remember Nothing From Your PastNo looking back. Because you can’t.   
  39. the brain
    Neuroscientist Shaves Her Head So You Dolts Might Understand How Brains WorkDedication. 
  40. memory
    32-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up Thinking She’s 15She was convinced it was 1992. 
  41. strange cases
    The Corporate Man Who Became Pathologically GenerousKind of like a real-life Ebenezer Scrooge. 
  42. How Exercise May Protect Against Alzheimer’sIt’s all about a hormone dubbed Klotho.
  43. strange cases
    The Man Whose Brain Borrowed Nearby IdentitiesAfter a car crash.
  44. neuroscience
    What a Neuroscientist Said About Jon Stewart’s BrainComedians may have more in common with rappers than you’d think, for one. 
  45. the brain
    You’re Not Losing Your Memory. You’re Just Distracted.The difference between flaky moments of forgetfulness and potential signs of Alzheimer’s.
  46. the brain
    Signs You’re Suffering From ‘Dementia of the Preoccupied’A modern (if made-up) neurological ailment. 
  47. the brain
    You Are Built to Be KindThe biology of being nice. 
  48. the brain
    Creepy Robot Makes You Feel a Ghostly Presence Spooky.
  49. the brain
    Partial Lobotomy Cures Man’s ArachnophobiaNow he kind of likes the little guys.
  50. the brain
    Pregnancy Doesn’t Actually Make Women DumberAnd the “baby brain” myth is likely contributing to prejudice against pregnant women.
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