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The Brock Turner Case

  1. the brock turner case
    Brock Turner Loses Appeal, Remains Guilty of Sexual AssaultThree judges unanimously upheld all three counts against him.
  2. the brock turner case
    Voters Just Kicked the Judge From the Brock Turner Case Out of OfficeCalifornians have voted to recall Judge Aaron Persky, who notoriously sentenced Brock Turner to only six months in prison.
  3. the brock turner case
    The Brock Turner Judge Could Lose His Seat TodayHere’s what to know about Judge Aaron Persky’s recall election.
  4. sexual assault
    Lawyer for the Brock Turner Judge Alleges Survivor Didn’t Write Her Viral LetterHe claims it was written by a “professional.”
  5. the brock turner case
    Woman Pushing to Recall Brock Turner Judge Is Receiving Rape ThreatsBut law professor Michele Dauber isn’t backing down.
  6. sexual assault
    Stanford Reportedly Rejected Brock Turner Victim’s Memorial Plaque SuggestionsThey allegedly suggested “I’m okay, everything’s okay” instead.