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The Bump Report

  1. the bump report
    Video: The Rachel Zoe Project’s Fourth Season Includes a New Assistant, Stress, Baby Talk, White BathrobesIn other words, everything you expected and crave.
  2. the bump report
    Reports: Rachel Zoe Is in Labor!For once it’s not fashion labor.
  3. the bump report
    In Case You Were Wondering How Rachel Zoe Would Carry Her DiapersIt’s in something designer. Guess who?
  4. the bump report
    Rachel Zoe Said to Make $10,000 Per JobAlso, see her pregnancy cover!
  5. the bump report
    Guess Where Rachel Zoe Was When She Said, ‘My Water Could Totally Break Right Here’?A bastion of perfection and cleanliness, to say the least.
  6. the bump report
    Video: Rachel Zoe’s Bump Exposed!Also exposed: Roger Berman’s beard.
  7. the bump report
    Rachel Zoe Flaunts Her BumpShe once said her bump-dressing philosophy is pretty much all or nothing.
  8. the bump report
    Rachel Zoe Confirms That Bump Was Not a Food Belly — It’s a Baby!Who wants to place bets on what kind of fur it’s wearing when it comes out of the womb?
  9. the bump report
    Rachel Zoe Spotted Touching Her Apparently Protruding Belly!Well. This has never happened before.
  10. the bump report
    Rachel Zoe Denies Pregnancy by Flaunting Flat Stomach While Rumors PersistA source says she’s more than four months along — and having a boy!
  11. the bump report
    New Reports: Rachel Zoe Is Pregnant!She’s not drinking OR traveling, sources have noted. SUSPICIOUS.
  12. the bump report
    Rachel Zoe Is on the Fashion Week Lam!Or maybe she’s pregnant.
  13. the bump report
    And So the Rachel Zoe Pregnancy Rumors BeginA source tells ‘OK!’ she’s three months along.