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  1. inner city life
    The City Introduces Freddie FackelmayerRelive his remarkable tanness from last night’s episode in our recap!
  2. inner city life
    Whitney’s Clothing Line Is Off to a Disastrous StartOur recap from last night’s episode of ‘The City’ is within.
  3. inner city life
    The City Girls Try Not to Screw Up Their CareersEnjoy our recap of last night’s episode.
  4. lies
    The Truth About New City Star RoxyFor starters, Rachel Zoe says she didn’t work for her.
  5. inner city life
    Whitney Is Still a Pushover and Olivia Is Still Mean on The CitySeason two has begun and our recaps are back.
  6. inner city life
    Whitney Port Convinces MTV to Let Her Show Her Reality on Season Two of The CityWhitney answers a few of our most burning questions about the second season of her reality show.
  7. party report
    Allie Crandell Leaves The City“I’m trying to focus on myself and mingle in New York City,” says the model.
  8. show and tell
    Whitney Port (and Her Crotch-Skimming Hemlines) Steals the Spotlight in Group ShowWhy should reporters talk to the Nicholas K designer when you can talk to an MTV reality star?
  9. inner city life
    Whitney Port to Show Her Whitney Eve Line in the Tents at Fashion WeekKelly Cutrone is working for her now.
  10. party lines
    Erin Lucas Is Leaving The City to Be a GypsyOh, also, she wants to be a television host.
  11. loose threads
    $10 Million Worth of Counterfeit Goods Seized; Karl Lagerfeld Pals Around With UsherAlso, Chanel Iman has been tweeting about interning at ‘Teen Vogue.’
  12. people who do nothing for a living
    Meet Freddie Fackelmayer, Jay’s Replacement on The CityHe’s very tan, works in real estate, and may or may not shower regularly.
  13. it’s hard to find good help
    Potential Interns: Do Not Blog About Kelly CutroneOr you’ll face her wrath.
  14. people who do nothing for a living
    MTV to Air Audrina Patridge’s SpinoffBring on the vacant stares and vapidness!
  15. loose threads
    Anna Wintour and Justin Timberlake, BFFs; Eddie Van Halen Sues NikeAnd the Mal Sirrah designer hung up on Angelina Jolie, twice.
  16. party fouls
    Gemma Ward and Jay Lyons Missed Their Celebrity-D.J. Sets Last NightJay didn’t show because he doesn’t want to be associated with ‘The City’ anymore.
  17. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo to Get Job at Elle?Who will she torture in the office, if not Whit?
  18. inner city life
    Whitney Port Flees Diane Von Furstenberg for People’s RevolutionThis should make season two much more entertaining than season one!
  19. inner city life
    Allie Crandell’s Latest Gig: Bluefly Trench Coat ModelCrying on ‘The City’ isn’t the only thing she gets paid for!
  20. inner city life
    Whitney Port Hates the Spotlight“I break down a couple of times a week, at least,” she says.
  21. model tracker
    We Just Shared a Moment With Allie From The CityShe was in our office building today and fate brought us together.
  22. inner city life
    Whitney Port Spotted Sucking Face With Clean-Shaven ActorLooks like she’s taking Erin’s advice about getting over Jay by getting under someone else.
  23. inner city life
    Whitney Finally Stands Up for HerselfWhere has our doormat gone?
  24. inner city life
    The City Restores Our Faith in Womankind … Sort ofWhitney Port is finally over being a doormat. But can she reform her ways? We assess, in our recap of last night’s episode.
  25. inner city life
    Confirmed: Whitney Port Is a DoormatWe recount the ways in which Olivia and Jay walk all over her in last night’s episode of ‘The City.’
  26. inner city life
    The City Goes to Miami and No One Can Be Trusted!The boys can’t handle thong bikinis and fake breasts. Read about that and more in the recap from last night’s episode!
  27. inner city life
    Whitney Gets Nasty, But She Is No Independent WomanOur recap of last night’s episode of ‘The City’ is within.
  28. show & tell
    Stalking Whitney and Olivia at DVFWe will score another cameo on ‘The City’ if it’s the last thing we do!
  29. inner city life
    No One Gets Along on The City and Probably Never WillOur recap of last night’s episode is in.
  30. party lines
    The City’s Adam Senn Shops for Fluffy HandcuffsAnd Jay Lyon’s band got signed before he was on ‘The City,’ haters.
  31. loose threads
    Alexander Wang Designs Barbie Outfit; Isaac Mizrahi’s First Claiborne Collection BowsAlso, Isaac Mizrahi’s first Liz Claiborne collection is on sale online.
  32. inner city life
    The City Cannot Handle the Topic of Eating DisordersOur recap of last night’s episode is in!
  33. obviousness
    The City Renewed for a Second Season!As if you didn’t see this coming!
  34. inner city life
    The City Has Utterly Failed WomankindWe explain, in our recap of last night’s episode.
  35. inner city life
    Adam From The City Walked in MilanAt least one person on that show does what we’re made to believe they do.
  36. inner city life
    Whitney Port Takes a Backseat to Her Hotter Co-StarsOur recap of last night’s episode of ‘The City’ is in.
  37. inner city life
    Whitney Port Needs a Lesson in Office ProprietySo we’ll give her one, in our recap of last night’s episode of ‘The City.’
  38. inner city life
    Whitney Port Is a Sad, Lost Soul With a Freakishly Fabulous ApartmentOur recap of the latest episode of MTV’s brilliant ‘The City.’
  39. inner city life
    We Are So Excited for Tonight’s New Episode of The CityWhet your appetite with this delightful critique from the ‘Times.’
  40. inner city life
    Whitney Port Blogs About The CitySo now we all know exactly what she wore in the first episode. Joy!
  41. inner city life
    The City Gives Us a Reality-TV OrgasmThe first two episodes blew our minds.
  42. inner city life
    Whitney Port Fake-Works at Diane Von Furstenberg Amid LayoffsShe doesn’t actually do work at the label, if you can imagine.
  43. everyone’s a designer
    Whitney Port Hates Cabs, Loves New York’s ‘Fresh Air’Girl, what you smell is not fresh.
  44. head for the hills
    The Hills Shows How to Shotgun Your WeddingThis week, Spencer lures Heidi into a scary-sounding marriage, and Whitney finally — finally — leaves for New York.
  45. head for the hills
    Whitney Vacantly Begins Her Move From The HillsPlus: Spencer’s a jerk, Stephanie’s clueless, and Lauren’s overemotional. You know, your typical episode.
  46. loose threads
    Zara Opens Giant Upscale Store; Alessandro Dell’Acqua ClosesAlso, Ivanka Trump still makes exorbitantly priced jewelry (surprise), and you can check out Posh Spice’s new dress line.
  47. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: ‘The City’ ForecastFrom a two-minute trailer, we’ve drawn some very scientific conclusions about what’s in store on Whitney Port’s new show.
  48. head for the hills
    Whitney Port Reaches New, Awesome Levels of BoringnessAnd by that we mean, she’s launched a blog!
  49. over the hills
    Whitney Port Channels Lauren Conrad, Wants to ‘Help People’Which is why she signed on to star in ‘Hills’ spinoff ‘The City’!
  50. teasers
    Diane Von Furstenberg Probably Won’t Appear on ‘The City’ Very MuchWhitney’s spoken to her for only five minutes since she started.
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